Author: Patricia Healy, CFA and Shaun Burgess, Post Date: July 6, 2017

We closely follow the bond insurers because they remain an important part of the municipal market, and they are integral to our Insured Puerto Rico Strategy.

Cumberland exited all uninsured Puerto Rico exposure in 2011, as it was clear that population loss and economic circumstances combined with the heavy indebtedness and dysfunctional governance would result in deteriorating credit quality.

In 2014 we saw an opportunity to invest in insured Puerto Rico backed by Assured Guaranty or National (MBIA), because headline risk had caused yields to rise higher than warranted given the claims-paying ability of the insurers.

Assured Guaranty Municipal (AGM) and National Public Finance Guarantee (National or NPFG) have very strong claims-paying resources and insure billions of dollars of mostly low-risk municipal bonds. On June 6, 2017, S&P placed National and Build America Mutual (BAM) on CreditWatch negative based on competitive position and lack of business-line diversification, particularly in the case of National. Market participants were surprised, because in the early 2000s the rating agencies’ concern that the financial guarantors were not diversified enough misled the insurers to expand into subprime and other asset-backed securities that soured and led to downgrades of the bond insurers, which had previously had AAA ratings.

On June 26th S&P downgraded National to A from AA- based on its very low market share compared with AGM and BAM, while – importantly for our strategy – affirming that National continues to have very strong claims-paying resources.

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Prior to the financial crisis, the bond insurance industry insured over 50% of municipal bond new issues. Market penetration, or percentage of insured bonds to all new bond issues, is now under 10% (though the figure could grow with higher interest rates or increased credit concerns). AGM and National write less business than is running off, and the companies are not releasing capital at as fast a rate as previously. Thus leverage of claims-paying resources to insured book has been decreasing.

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