An Update on Markets from Matt McAleer

This week’s short video discusses current market conditions and how we are positioning portfolios. We didn’t produce an update on Friday May 10th so we’re including our thoughts on last week as well as today, Monday May 13, 2019.

Global trade dominated today’s headlines as the markets expressed significant weakness, due to a lack of previous anticipation for a possible “no deal” with China.

Cumberland Advisors - Matt McAleer Week In Review

Last week, the markets began to show this weakness; however, we try not to focus on movements in the market with a purely black and white lens.

We talk about:

  • The market pullback is natural for an otherwise strong YTD market.
  • Will global trade redefine the markets over the next few years?
  • What effect will this have on margins?
  • We intend to use this pullback as an opportunity to invest in more “domestic centric” areas (e.g. insurance).
  • How will the continuous stream of unconfirmed trade deal news affects trading?
  • Will market weakness be strong enough to trigger a buy signal in our quantitative strategy?

Thanks for tuning in with us. -Matt McAleer