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Guest Commentary by Bob Bunting – It’s Getting Hotter

Author: Bob Bunting, Post Date: August 29, 2018
Bob Bunting

Bob Bunting, a friend, meteorologist, and accomplished professor, has offered his insight on climate change via this guest commentary, It’s Hot and Getting Hotter – The Case for Adaptive Strategies for a Warming Planet. We appreciate his perspective and invite you to join the conversation. David R. Kotok Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Email | […]

Venezuela Implodes, Neighbors Suffer

Author: Bill Witherell, Ph.D., Post Date: August 28, 2018
Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - Bill Witherell, Ph.D.

Last week Venezuela devalued its currency, the bolivar, by 95%, cutting five zeros off the exchange rate. This measure was a desperate response to hyperinflation that reached an astonishing rate of 83,000% YoY in July, with prices doubling every 26 days. The IMF has projected the rate could reach one million percent this year. Cash transactions […]

It’s in the Stars

Author: Robert Eisenbeis, Ph.D., Post Date: August 27, 2018
Cumberland Advisors' Bob Eisenbeis

As is the custom for Fed chairs, Chairman Powell provided the kickoff address to the Kansas City Fed’s annual Jackson Hole symposium, broadly attended by many of the world’s central bankers. For those who are unfamiliar with the conference, the papers presented are generally conceptual economic policy documents with a distinctly longer-run, bigger-picture focus rather […]

CDC Foundation President Dr. Judy Monroe

Author: David R. Kotok, Post Date: August 18, 2018
CDC Foundation Dr Judy Monroe & David Kotok

For the children of Zika and their parents, Zika’s impact will never abate. Journalist Mauricio Savarese reports for the AP from Brazil: “Today, some of the children born during the outbreak are trying school for the first time — in very limited capacities — while others have died or are struggling to survive, hindered by health and developmental problems.”

The Ball Is Rolling

Author: Shaun Burgess, Post Date: August 16, 2018
Market Commentary Puerto Rico

August has brought welcome news for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and for creditors eager to see a resolution to the bankruptcy process that started more than two years ago with the passage of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA). There is now a restructuring agreement for Sales Tax (COFINA) bondholders […]

Something Fishy

Author: David R. Kotok, Post Date: August 14, 2018
Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary by David Kotok

Let’s see. An American company with American employees catches fish. It ships the fish to China. China imposes a tariff or retaliatory tariff when the fish arrives from America. A Chinese company processes the fish and creates frozen fish sticks. The company in China is an American investment, and the labor in China is available […]

Turkey Tumbles, Financial Markets Are Unnerved

Author: Bill Witherell, Ph.D., Post Date: August 13, 2018
Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - Bill Witherell, Ph.D.

The Turkish lira is down more than 40% year to date, with Friday’s fall alone reaching 18.5% at one point and ending down 14.3% for the day. While Turkey’s economy is not large, some major European banks have big exposures in non-lira loans. The European Central Bank is reported to be concerned about the vulnerability […]

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