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Date Author Title
8/26/2015 David Kotok Panic
8/24/2015 Bob Eisenbeis Reflections on the Past Three Days and the Fed's Policy Problem
8/23/2015 David Kotok Quite a Week!
8/21/2015 Michael Comes “They’ll Pay Another Day”
8/20/2015 David Kotok Fed Drum Roll
8/18/2015 Bob Eisenbeis China and the US Economy: How Threatening?
8/17/2015 Bill Witherell The Yuan Devaluation: Unexpected but Economically Sensible
8/15/2015 David Kotok Sanders, Trump, Stock Market & August 25th.
8/14/2015 Michael Comes and John Mousseau Technical Default Hits Illinois
8/13/2015 David Kotok Death Cross
8/7/2015 David Kotok Fed: Take the Shot
8/6/2015 David Kotok Reuters Global Forum Interview
8/5/2015 David Kotok Will the real unemployment rate please stand up?
8/4/2015 David Kotok Utilities, Coal, Markets
8/3/2015 Bill Witherell Are Shanghai and Shenzhen Broken?
8/1/2015 David Kotok Puerto Rico Defaults – Our new Muni Book
7/31/2015 David Kotok Metaphor, Markets, Maine
7/30/2015 David Kotok Join Us! Bloomberg live broadcast from Cumberland’s Sarasota Office!
7/30/2015 Bob Eisenbeis The Fed’s Dilemma (Revisited)
7/28/2015 Bob Eisenbeis The Fed’s Dilemma
7/27/2015 David Kotok Hatchet Lake Lodge
7/24/2015 Bill Witherell Staying with Japan Equities
7/20/2015 Michael Comes A Moral Obligation
7/18/2015 Bill Witherell Looking Beyond Greece to Eurozone Equity Opportunities
7/17/2015 Bob Eisenbeis Chair Yellen and the Congress
7/16/2015 David Kotok Stinks?
7/15/2015 David Kotok Interview with Barry Ritholtz
7/12/2015 David Kotok Grexit or No Grexit?
7/11/2015 David Kotok Venus and Jupiter
7/10/2015 Bill Witherell Greece Update
7/9/2015 Bill Witherell Prospects for the Euro After the Greek Tragedy Concludes
7/8/2015 Michael Comes, John Mousseau and Shaun Burgess “The Real Puerto Rico Story”
7/7/2015 Michael D. McNiven International Market Review: 2Q2015
7/7/2015 Matt McAleer Tactical Trend Review: 2Q2015
7/6/2015 David Kotok “Rocky Mountain High”
7/5/2015 David Kotok Follow-Up to “Productivity in America”
7/3/2015 David Kotok Productivity in America
7/2/2015 Rick Daskin MLP Review – 2Q2015
7/2/2015 Bill Witherell Reflections on France
7/1/2015 John Mousseau Remainder of 2015 Looks Good for Munis
6/29/2015 David Kotok Barry Bannister on Greece
6/29/2015 David Kotok Greece, PR, Bloomberg Surveillance Tomorrow Morning
6/27/2015 David Kotok Governor Powell & Greece
6/26/2015 David Kotok Second Quarter Stock Market Review
6/25/2015 Nannette Sabo Could a Triple Crown Triumph Offer Faith the Fed Will Raise Rates
6/23/2015 David Kotok Greece - Moral Hazard
6/22/2015 David Kotok Circularity
6/21/2015 Bill Witherell MSCI Decision to Include China A-Shares Matters
6/19/2015 Bill Witherell Teetering on the Brink
6/18/2015 Bob Eisenbeis The June FOMC Outcome
6/16/2015 David Kotok Reverse Antidisestablishmentarianism & the Fed
6/14/2015 David Kotok The Fed, Interest Rates, US Dollar
6/11/2015 David Kotok Donor Advised Funds and Foundations - First in a Series
6/8/2015 David Kotok “Dirty Rotten Ethanol Scoundrels”
6/5/2015 David Kotok Labor Data, Lagarde, Bond Yields, a Tale & a Tail
6/4/2015 Bill Witherell The Final Act of the Greek Tragedy?
6/1/2015 Matt McAleer Trading China
5/31/2015 David Kotok ISIS Update
5/29/2015 Bill Witherell China: Bubble or Bull Market with Legs?
5/28/2015 Michael Comes HQLA and Munis Part Deux
5/27/2015 David Kotok Central Banks, Interest, Bailout Barometer
5/26/2015 David Kotok The Fed Raising Rates?
5/22/2015 David Kotok International ETFs
5/21/2015 David Kotok ISIS and Oil
5/20/2015 David Kotok Peacock Bass & Cuba
5/19/2015 David Kotok MLP Update
5/18/2015 Bob Eisenbeis Swiss National Bank and Central Bank Accounting
5/14/2015 David Kotok Bond Tantrum or Schnitzel Tantrum
5/13/2015 David Kotok Alex Pollock Guest Commentary
5/11/2015 David Kotok Stocks, Profits, GDP
5/10/2015 John Mousseau Land of Lincoln Thrown for a Loss
5/8/2015 Bill Witherell Markets Win in the UK
5/7/2015 David Kotok Banks – Dick Bove’s Warning
5/6/2015 Michael Comes Saving GDB (Government Development Bank)
5/5/2015 Bill Witherell The Coming of Age of the Chinese Yuan
5/5/2015 David Kotok The Dollar and US Stock Market Sectors
4/29/2015 David Kotok The Fed & Duration
4/27/2015 Michael Comes & Robert Malvenda Can Rauhmer (Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Rauner) Do It?
4/24/2015 David Kotok Volatility is the square root of time and fat tails, a guest commentary by Russ Certo
4/22/2015 David Kotok Non-ethanol Fuel
4/21/2015 David Kotok IMF and Greece
4/20/2015 Bill Witherell China, Japan, and the US Treasury Bond Market
4/19/2015 Bob Eisenbeis A Strong Dollar May Not Be as Bad as Feared
4/17/2015 David Kotok Greece Contagion Risk
4/17/2015 David Kotok Text of Reuters Interview (April 14, 2015) with David Gaffen
4/14/2015 Bill Witherell Australia and the J-Curve
4/9/2015 David Kotok Energy Stocks
4/8/2015 Michael D. McNiven International Markets in 2015 Q1
4/7/2015 Bob Eisenbeis Forward Guidance The Way It Should Be
4/6/2015 David Kotok Heterogeneous Central Banks and Markets
4/2/2015 Matt McAleer Tactical Trend Allocation Strategy: 1Q2015
4/1/2015 Nannette Sabo Taxable Fixed Income 2015 First Quarter Review
3/31/2015 Rick Daskin MLPs First Quarter 2015
3/30/2015 John Mousseau The Muni Market Supply Binge
3/30/2015 David Kotok US Market Review: 1Q2015
3/29/2015 David Kotok Final Report From Paris
3/27/2015 David Kotok Labor Market Slack and Monetary Policy
3/23/2015 Bob Eisenbeis The Dots Do Matter!
3/21/2015 David Kotok Yemen
3/20/2015 David Kotok Report from Paris
3/19/2015 David Kotok Paris au Printemps
3/16/2015 Bill Witherell Abenomics and the J-Curve
3/13/2015 David Kotok The Euro-Dollar Riot!
3/10/2015 David Kotok NIRP, ZIRP, PIRP & Paris
3/6/2015 Bob Eisenbeis The Congress and the Fed
3/4/2015 David Kotok NASDAQ 5000 - Crash? Bubble? Fair Value?
3/1/2015 David Kotok Audit the Fed? – Cumberland Advisors Video
2/27/2015 Bill Witherell Greece – Act 2 Commences
2/27/2015 Michael Comes & Shaun Burgess Puerto Rico’s Day in Congress
2/26/2015 David Kotok The Attack on Janet Yellen
2/24/2015 David Kotok Energy, Stocks, XLE: Buy, Sell, or Hold?
2/21/2015 David Kotok Audit the Fed - A Metaphor and An Example
2/20/2015 Bill Witherell The Greek Tragedy - Act One
2/19/2015 Bob Eisenbeis FOMC Minutes
2/17/2015 David Kotok Audit the Fed - A Follow-Up
2/13/2015 David Kotok Audit the Fed?
2/9/2015 Michael Comes New Developments from Puerto Rico
2/8/2015 David Kotok Greece-Interdependence
2/7/2015 Leo Chen Goodhart’s Law
2/6/2015 David Kotok First Fed Hike & Stock Market
2/4/2015 Bill Witherell No Grexit, No Haircuts, but Difficult Negotiations Ahead
2/3/2015 David Kotok Central Bank Update
2/2/2015 Bob Eisenbeis The Fed and Payments
1/30/2015 David Kotok Excerpt from IMCA.ORG Feature Articles – January/February 2015
1/28/2015 David Kotok Patience
1/24/2015 David Kotok ECB, Euro, USD, Interest Rates
1/22/2015 Bob Eisenbeis Lessons on Forward Guidance
1/19/2015 David Kotok US Dollar Strength and US Stocks
1/16/2015 David Kotok Switzerland - Chapter 2
1/15/2015 David Kotok Switzerland
1/13/2015 David Kotok 1% on 10-year Note?
1/12/2015 Bob Eisenbeis Reasonable People
1/10/2015 Bill Witherell Europe Outside the Eurozone – The UK
1/8/2015 David Kotok Two Tales, Two Brothers, Two Cities
1/6/2015 David Kotok Oil, Markets, Volatility
1/5/2015 Bob Eisenbeis Right Numbers?
1/3/2015 David Kotok Draghi? Draghi. Draghi!
12/30/2014 Richard Daskin MLPS at yearend
12/29/2014 David Kotok Oil, Europe, good and bad & Spain
12/26/2014 David Kotok Healthcare ETFs
12/24/2014 Nannette Sabo Taxable Fixed Income A Year in Review
12/23/2014 David Kotok US Stock Markets at Yearend, 2014
12/20/2014 David Kotok Comex Trading Collars
12/20/2014 Bill Witherell International Equity Markets in 2014 and the Outlook for 2015
12/19/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Muddy Waters
12/18/2014 David Kotok Global Profits and US Stocks
12/18/2014 John Mousseau Municipals Finish a Solid Year
12/17/2014 David Kotok IRA Charitable Gifts Pass With Only Days Left To Act
12/16/2014 Bill Witherell Japan After the Snap Election
12/16/2014 David Kotok Two Sectors & Two Observations
12/12/2014 David Kotok A Nor'easter!
12/10/2014 Bill Witherell A Necessary Correction in Shanghai
12/10/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Is “Considerable Time” Already Dead?
12/8/2014 David Kotok Peter Pan, Oil & Portfolio Management
12/6/2014 David Kotok Interview with Reuters Global Markets Forum and Jeanine Prezioso
12/4/2014 David Kotok Interview with ETF.COM
12/3/2014 Bill Witherell Still Bullish on Japan Equities (Hedged)
12/2/2014 David Kotok Oil-Part 2
12/1/2014 David Kotok Oil-Part 1
12/1/2014 John Mousseau The Muni Supply Spike: Bond Buyer Visible Supply
11/29/2014 Bob Eisenbeis The Senate and the New York Fed
11/26/2014 David Kotok IRA Contributions Held Up by Washington Turkeys
11/25/2014 David Kotok Central Banks: Opacity or Transparency?
11/24/2014 Bill Witherell China Opts for Financial Stimulus
11/22/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Covert Affairs
11/20/2014 David Kotok Shia-Sunni Follow Up
11/17/2014 David Kotok Stocks Headed Higher
11/15/2014 David Kotok James A. Lebenthal (June 22, 1928-November 14, 2014)
11/10/2014 David Kotok US Stock Market
11/6/2014 David Kotok ISIL, Shia-Sunni, Beheadings & a Secret Letter
11/6/2014 John Mousseau The Bond Market and the Election
11/5/2014 David Kotok Two Election Winners
11/4/2014 David Kotok Senator Vol Wins
10/31/2014 Bill Witherell Japan Equities as the BOJ Puts on a Full-Court Press
10/31/2014 David Kotok Japan News
10/31/2014 Matt McAleer Japan’s Technical Picture
10/31/2014 John Mousseau And Nannette Sabo US Bonds and Japan’s Trump Card
10/30/2014 Bill Witherell Is It Time to Reallocate to Eurozone Stocks?
10/29/2014 Bob Eisenbeis AFOMC Ends QE
10/29/2014 David Kotok Anatomy of a Misunderstanding
10/26/2014 David Kotok Wage Garnishment & Bank Account Seizures
10/23/2014 David Kotok The Shorts are Squeezed
10/21/2014 David Kotok US Stock Market Update
10/19/2014 David Kotok Ebola, GDP & Markets
10/17/2014 David Kotok When they throw in the towel, catch it
10/15/2014 David Kotok More Bullets on Markets and the News Flow
10/13/2014 Bob Eisenbeis What’s in the Minutes?
10/11/2014 Bill Witherell Poland
10/10/2014 David Kotok Ebola and Markets
10/9/2014 David Kotok MLP Update
10/7/2014 David Kotok Quarantine
10/4/2014 David Kotok Volatility
10/3/2014 Michael Comes A Win for Muni Investors
10/2/2014 Bill Witherell Notes from Paris – A Tale of Two Cities
10/2/2014 David Kotok US Stock Market 3rd Quarter Review
10/1/2014 David Kotok Interview with Jeanine Prezioso of Reuters Global Forum
9/30/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Is Federal Reserve Forward Guidance Dead?
9/27/2014 David Kotok Schizophrenic Financial Markets & Policy
9/26/2014 John Mousseau Rounding the Corner in Munis in 2014
9/25/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Much Ado About “Time”
9/24/2014 Michael D. McNiven International Markets Third Quarter Review
9/23/2014 Nannette Sabo Taxable Fixed Income Third Quarter Review
9/22/2014 David Kotok Puerto Rico Debt Update
9/20/2014 David Kotok Turkey and Islamic State
9/19/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Living Wills
9/18/2014 David Kotok The Fed and the Media
9/14/2014 David Kotok Puerto Rico Electric: Nondisclosure Agreement Creates Two Classes of Bondholders
9/12/2014 Bill Witherell Scotland - A Significant Event Risk
9/11/2014 David Kotok 9-11 Images
9/9/2014 David Kotok Apple?
9/8/2014 David Kotok HQLA and Munis
9/7/2014 David Kotok Sugar?
9/5/2014 Bill Witherell ECB Acts to Counter Eurozone Stagnation and the Threat of Deflation
9/4/2014 David Kotok Equity Risk Premium
9/4/2014 David Kotok The Ebola Virus: Chilling
9/1/2014 David Kotok Report from Leen's Lodge
8/31/2014 Bill Witherell Kuroda and the Japanese Economy
8/27/2014 David Kotok ISIL
8/26/2014 David Kotok Deflation Fear
8/25/2014 Bill Witherell Draghi
8/23/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Jackson Hole
8/22/2014 David Kotok Janet Yellen
8/22/2014 David Kotok Mario Draghi
8/21/2014 David Kotok Market Changes and Why
8/15/2014 David Kotok Fog of War – Update
8/14/2014 David Kotok Half Labor Market Improved; Other Half Won't
8/12/2014 David Kotok Mosul Dam – Follow-up
8/8/2014 Bill Witherell German Locomotive Losing Steam
8/7/2014 Matt McAleer Cash – The Trickiest Asset Class
8/7/2014 David Kotok NYTimes Report: American Forces Said to Bomb ISIS Targets in Iraq
8/6/2014 David Kotok Markets, SKEW-VIX Ratio, New Book
8/1/2014 David Kotok Report from Leen's Lodge
7/31/2014 David Kotok Policy, Uncertainty and a New Book
7/29/2014 David Kotok HOT OFF THE PRESS
7/25/2014 David Kotok An Interview with ETF.com
7/23/2014 David Kotok Charity Tax Extender Passes House
7/19/2014 David Kotok Tapering Is Now Tightening
7/16/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Hope Is Not a Strategy
7/13/2014 David Kotok Message from the Beveridge Curves
7/9/2014 David Kotok Cash Reserve Continued
7/9/2014 Bill Witherell China’s Economy Returns to Leading Asia Recovery
7/7/2014 David Kotok FAQ - Leen's Lodge and Jackson Hole
7/4/2014 David Kotok Happy Independence Day
7/2/2014 David Kotok Happy 4th, Cash Reserve in Place and Why?
6/30/2014 Michael Comes The Cold Shoulder
6/29/2014 David Kotok Q3 Markets; also FT 300
6/26/2014 David Kotok Second Quarter Review
6/25/2014 Michael Comes The Hidden Infrastructure Dilemma
6/24/2014 David Kotok Master Limited Partnerships - Part II
6/23/2014 Bill Witherell Abe Refines and Aims His “Third Arrow” of Reforms at Japan’s Economy
6/23/2014 Nannette L. Sabo Taxable Fixed Income Second Quarter Review
6/20/2014 David Kotok Report from Leen's Lodge
6/18/2014 John Mousseau Muni Market 2014 Halftime Show
6/17/2014 David Kotok Oil – Tom Keene’s Question
6/15/2014 David Kotok Oil!
6/12/2014 David Kotok Cumberland Advisors Announces Expansion and Staff Addition
6/12/2014 David Kotok Cutting Asparagus
6/8/2014 David Kotok Master Limited Partnerships (MLP)
6/5/2014 Bill Witherell The ECB and the Hesitant Eurozone Recovery
6/2/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Reverse Repos
5/31/2014 David Kotok Report from Galapagos
5/29/2014 David Kotok Gasoline Prices - Income Inequality - Thomas Picketty’s Book - Galapagos, Ecuador
5/27/2014 David Kotok The Bottom Line of Disabilities: The Social, Financial and Economic Impact in our Communities
5/25/2014 David Kotok Memorial Day - 2014
5/19/2014 John Mousseau What Happened to the Muni Meltdown?
5/17/2014 David Kotok Ten Year Treasury Note @ 2.5%
5/15/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Labor Market Slack and Inflation Dynamics
5/14/2014 Bill Witherell The ECB is ready to act - will it be effective?
5/13/2014 David Kotok FX, Palindrome, May 19
5/9/2014 David Kotok Back from IMCA
5/3/2014 David Kotok About Cinco de Mayo
5/1/2014 David Kotok Biotech ETFs
4/28/2014 David Kotok Summary of the GIC meeting - April 16, 2014
4/25/2014 David Kotok Containing Ukraine
4/24/2014 Bill Witherell Global Growth Is Picking Up – So Are Geopolitical Tensions
4/19/2014 David Kotok More on Tapering vs. Tightening?
4/13/2014 David Kotok Are You Concerned About Markets?
4/12/2014 Michael Comes U-Turn
4/11/2014 David Kotok SIMAGA
4/10/2014 Nannette L. Sabo Taxable Fixed Income, 1Q 2014
4/7/2014 Bob Eisenbeis How is the Board of Governors like the Kentucky Wildcats?
4/6/2014 David Kotok Michael Lewis's New Book
4/5/2014 Bill Witherell International Equity, Q1 2014
4/4/2014 Michael Comes Muni Green Shoots
4/1/2014 John Mousseau Muni Bounce-back Helps the First Quarter
3/31/2014 David Kotok Big Data
3/27/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Bitcoin, the IRS, and NSA
3/26/2014 Bill Witherell The Baltic Republics and Putin
3/25/2014 David Kotok Guest Words from Bob Brusca
3/25/2014 Bill Witherell Upgrading India
3/24/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Doubt the Dots
3/22/2014 David Kotok More on Russian, Crimea, Markets
3/19/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Back to the Future
3/19/2014 David Kotok Inflation, Crimea, Markets
3/17/2014 David Kotok Will Congress Rob Charities Through Inaction?
3/15/2014 Bob Eisenbeis The New York Fed and Its Custodial Role for Foreign Entities
3/13/2014 David Kotok Crimea and the Alamo
3/11/2014 David Kotok A Short Clarification on Puerto Rico
3/11/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Employment and Growth
3/10/2014 Bill Witherell Ukraine – NATO, the EU, and the US vs. Putin
3/7/2014 David Kotok Report from Paris II
3/6/2014 David Kotok Report from Paris
3/5/2014 David Kotok Puerto Rico Update
3/3/2014 David Kotok Markets, Ukraine, Paris
3/2/2014 David Kotok Report from Phoenix
2/27/2014 Michael Comes Detroit Update
2/25/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Redistribution
2/25/2014 Bill Witherell Ukraine Matters
2/22/2014 David Kotok Yulia Tymoshenko vs. Vladimir Putin
2/20/2014 Bob Eisenbeis It’s the Economy
2/18/2014 David Kotok Applause for Debt-Ceiling Courage
2/16/2014 David Kotok Carsten Valgreen, Paris, Markets, Contagion Risk
2/12/2014 Bob Eisenbeis The Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee on Identity Theft
2/10/2014 Bill Witherell Good News for the ECB and Europe
2/9/2014 David Kotok More on Puerto Rico Debt
2/7/2014 David Kotok Today’s Employment Report & Markets
2/5/2014 David Kotok Contagion-FAQ
2/5/2014 John Mousseau Puerto Rico - The Step Down
2/3/2014 John Mousseau & Michael Comes Detroit Bites Again
1/29/2014 David Kotok The Fed and Markets
1/27/2014 David Kotok ETFs, Currency Risk, Markets
1/26/2014 David Kotok More on Energy
1/24/2014 David Kotok Markets and Banks
1/20/2014 David Kotok Smoking Pot
1/18/2014 David Kotok Pondering Energy on a Cool Day in Key West
1/17/2014 Bob Eisenbeis The Target and Neiman Marcus Incidents – A Call for Review?
1/16/2014 David Kotok Tanya Moore, Sheila Bair, Janet Yellen & GIC
1/13/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Jobs and FOMC Policy
1/10/2014 David Kotok The Energy Sector & US Markets
1/9/2014 Michael Comes Municipal Credit in the New Year
1/8/2014 Bill Witherell European Banks, the Banking Union, and Equity Markets
1/5/2014 David Kotok The Alto Puelo Lodge-A Photo Essay Report
1/3/2014 David Kotok Core ETFs in 2014
12/30/2013 Michael McNiven International Equities at Year-End: Achy Breaky Emerging Markets
12/27/2013 Nannette Sabo Build America Bonds: A Year in Review
12/23/2013 David Kotok Summer Solstice at Salar de Atacama
12/20/2013 David Kotok Yearend Notes from Calama, Chile
12/19/2013 Bill Witherell International Equities at Year-End: The Advanced Markets
12/18/2013 Bob Eisenbeis More on the Fed and Reverse Repos
12/17/2013 John Mousseau The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Muni Bonds in 2013
12/16/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Are Reverse Repos the Answer to the Fed’s Exit Problem?
12/14/2013 David Kotok Crowding In – Bond Interest Rates
12/13/2013 David Kotok The Evolving Policy Landscape
12/9/2013 Bill Witherell Netherlands After Losing Its AAA Credit Rating
12/8/2013 David Kotok East Asian Kerfuffle
12/6/2013 David Kotok Today's Employment Report
12/4/2013 John Mousseau Motor City Finally Hits Bankruptcy
12/2/2013 David Kotok Interview with Zero Hedge
11/30/2013 Bill Witherell The Global Economy in 2014 – the OECD, Japan, and China
11/25/2013 David Kotok Tapering is Tightening or Easing?
11/24/2013 David Kotok The Iran Deal: A Quick Note
11/21/2013 Bob Eisenbeis A Work In Progress
11/20/2013 David Kotok Some Thoughts about Energy
11/17/2013 David Kotok Tapering or Tightening?
11/15/2013 Bob Eisenbeis That's Our Story and We Are Sticking to It
11/11/2013 David Kotok Three Dynamics
11/3/2013 David Kotok Politics, Economics, Markets
10/29/2013 David Kotok Puerto Rico Update
10/27/2013 Bill Witherell Broad Economic Recovery in the UK, But Equities Lag
10/25/2013 David Kotok Rand Paul & Janet Yellen
10/22/2013 David Kotok Interlude
10/16/2013 David Kotok Deal Done!
10/16/2013 David Kotok Puerto Rico
10/15/2013 David Kotok Fitch
10/13/2013 David Kotok Whipsaw
10/8/2013 David Kotok Janet Yellen
10/7/2013 David Kotok Moving Chess Pieces
10/6/2013 Bill Witherell Japan Update – Abenomics Still Broadly On Track
10/2/2013 David Kotok Debt Limit, The Fed, Interest Rates
10/1/2013 John Mousseau The Muni Bounce Back
9/30/2013 David Kotok Shutdown Dumbness: Walking Softly?
9/25/2013 Bill Witherell Investing in the Recovery in Europe, Part 2: Eurozone Equity Markets After the German Election
9/23/2013 David Kotok Central Banks and Politics
9/21/2013 David Kotok Is the Fed an Enabler?
9/20/2013 Bill Witherell Investing in the Recovery in Europe - Part 1, The Big Picture
9/18/2013 David Kotok Fed Fog, Syrian Smoke; There is a Breeze!
9/15/2013 David Kotok Ethanol: Another Chapter in Scamnation
9/12/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Would We Be Having the Same Conversation?
9/11/2013 David Kotok Reflection on 9/11
9/9/2013 David Kotok We thank Barron's
9/5/2013 David Kotok Assert a Principle? Measure Market Risk?
8/30/2013 David Kotok Labor Day Weekend at Leen’s Lodge – Market Worries
8/29/2013 Bob Eisenbeis More Than You Want to Know
8/23/2013 David Kotok Tapering? Maybe not?
8/22/2013 David Kotok Does a Troubled President Equal a Troubled Market?
8/19/2013 Bob Eisenbeis When Will the Fed Begin Tapering Its Asset Purchase Program?
8/18/2013 David Kotok Mixed Messages & Conflicting Indicators
8/15/2013 David Kotok More on strategy change and why we made it
8/10/2013 David Kotok A Strategy Change
8/8/2013 Bill Witherell Japan – Is Abenomics Running Out of Steam?
8/2/2013 David Kotok Report from Leen’s Lodge
7/30/2013 Bob Eisenbeis The Dangers of Using Pseudo Research to Assess FOMC Forecast Accuracy
7/29/2013 David Kotok Reducing Energy Weight
7/26/2013 David Kotok Detroit, Munis, A Follow Up
7/24/2013 David Kotok More on Munis, Detroit, Bloomberg, Whitney & Wilson
7/23/2013 Bill Witherell Japanese Elections – The Bull Market for Equities Is Likely to Continue
7/22/2013 David Kotok Cheap Munis, Not Detroit
7/19/2013 David Kotok Detroit!
7/17/2013 David Kotok Bernanke & Jackson Hole Final Report
7/15/2013 David Kotok More from Jackson Hole
7/13/2013 David Kotok Report from Jackson Hole
7/5/2013 David Kotok Extended Period + Jackson Hole
7/4/2013 David Kotok As American as Bordeaux
7/2/2013 Bill Witherell Egypt at the Brink – Some Investment Implications
7/2/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Forget Tapering and Exit via Reserve Requirements
7/1/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Just When You Think It Can’t Get Any Worse…
6/27/2013 David Kotok BLS and Sequester
6/27/2013 John Mousseau Illinois Yields to a Battered Bond Market
6/26/2013 David Kotok The Fed & Munis-Quite a Stretch
6/25/2013 John Mousseau Meredith Redux
6/25/2013 Bill Witherell Salmon by Moonlight and Emerging Markets
6/23/2013 David Kotok Report from Leen’s Lodge
6/21/2013 David Kotok The Deputy: A View from Leen’s Lodge
6/20/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Can You Hear Me Now?
6/20/2013 David Kotok Saudi? Virus? Taking up Energy Weight
6/18/2013 David Kotok 40th Anniversary
6/17/2013 Bill Witherell Developed, Emerging, and Frontier Market MSCI Classification Changes and Viet Nam
6/15/2013 David Kotok Just say it!
6/13/2013 David Kotok Bond ETFs
6/12/2013 David Kotok The Bond Market and Inflation
6/7/2013 John Mousseau The Muni Sell-off is an Opportunity
6/7/2013 David Kotok Today’s Jobs Report
6/6/2013 Bill Witherell Japan Note 2: Investors Not Impressed with Abe's "Third Arrow"
6/4/2013 David Kotok Abuse of Power-2
6/4/2013 Bill Witherell Trouble in Turkey
6/2/2013 David Kotok IRS-Abuse of Power-Markets
5/30/2013 David Kotok Negative Interest Rates
5/29/2013 Bob Eisenbeis It Depends Upon the Data
5/28/2013 Bill Witherell Japan Note 1: Market Top or Entry Point?
5/27/2013 David Kotok Memorial Day Poppy-Part 2
5/25/2013 David Kotok Memorial Day Poppies
5/24/2013 David Kotok Inflation and Stocks
5/21/2013 David Kotok Final Report from Italy
5/19/2013 David Kotok Report from Tuscany
5/16/2013 David Kotok Report from Milan
5/15/2013 David Kotok America’s Political Woes, Headlines in Milan
5/12/2013 David Kotok Central Banks, Milan, Tuscany
5/10/2013 David Kotok Understanding the Stock Market-Part 2
5/9/2013 David Kotok Understanding the Stock Market
5/8/2013 David Kotok Sequester vs. National Defense
5/6/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Point of No Return?
5/5/2013 David Kotok Federal Deficit and Markets
5/3/2013 David Kotok JOBS?
5/2/2013 Bill Witherell Italy’s Equity Market Turning the Corner
5/1/2013 Bob Eisenbeis When Will the Fed Act and What Will It Do?
4/29/2013 David Kotok Now What?
4/26/2013 David Kotok FAA
4/25/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste
4/25/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Sequestration (Part 2)
4/23/2013 David Kotok Boston: Some Bullets and a Polemic
4/23/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Sequestration
4/19/2013 David Kotok Gold
4/15/2013 David Kotok Markets Today
4/12/2013 David Kotok President Obama’s $3 Million IRA Cap! Hmmm?
4/10/2013 David Kotok Bird Flu
4/8/2013 David Kotok Bail-In vs. Bailout
4/5/2013 John Mousseau A Quick Note on Stockton
4/5/2013 Bill Witherell Bank of Japan Surprises with Aggressive Easing
4/4/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Is the Job Market Stable?
4/2/2013 David Kotok Contagion Starts Small
3/30/2013 David Kotok Euro: Requiem or Renewal?
3/28/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Has EU Solved the Bank Capital Adequacy Problem?
3/26/2013 David Kotok Report from Dubai - 2
3/25/2013 David Kotok Quick Notes from Dubai
3/24/2013 David Kotok Report from Dubai
3/21/2013 Bob Eisenbeis The New Fed Policy
3/20/2013 David Kotok Report from Paris 2
3/19/2013 Bob Eisenbeis The Mouse that Roared
3/18/2013 David Kotok Report from Paris
3/16/2013 David Kotok Cypriot Banks
3/15/2013 David Kotok Raising Cash
3/14/2013 Bill Witherell Are There Investment Opportunities in Europe?
3/13/2013 David Kotok North Korea and Markets
3/12/2013 David Kotok Japan
3/8/2013 David Kotok Today's Employment Report
3/6/2013 David Kotok Still Bullish
3/5/2013 John Mousseau Motor City Meltdown
2/27/2013 David Kotok Markets, Wealth, NY Fed
2/23/2013 David Kotok More on Markets and Wealth Effects
2/22/2013 David Kotok Elasticity, Markets, Wealth Effects
2/19/2013 Bill Witherell G20 Meeting A Positive Surprise
2/17/2013 David Kotok Gretchen Morgenson & NY Fed
2/15/2013 Bill Witherell Currencies, the G7, G20, and Japan
2/14/2013 David Kotok Meredith, Will You Be My Valentine?
2/13/2013 David Kotok The Real State of the Union
2/11/2013 David Kotok Currency War?
2/9/2013 David Kotok California: Still Dreamin’
2/4/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Duped Again
2/1/2013 David Kotok Today's Employment Report
1/29/2013 Bob Eisenbeis What Makes Us Think They Will Pay?
1/27/2013 David Kotok Peace Dividend and Fiscal Policy Debate
1/21/2013 David Kotok Taxation Without Representation
1/14/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Three Myths and Misunderstandings
1/10/2013 David Kotok A Tax Barbell
1/9/2013 Bill Witherell Central Banks Ease Future Liquidity Standards for Globe's Big Banks
1/7/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Losing Money on the Replay
1/3/2013 David Kotok The Taxpayer Relief Act-a misnomer to celebrate the swearing in of the new Congress
12/27/2012 David Kotok Dear Mr. Speaker
12/27/2012 Bill Witherell Will Japan Lead Asia’s Markets in 2013?
12/23/2012 David Kotok A Rotten Apple?
12/21/2012 David Kotok Mayans, Lincoln, Markets
12/17/2012 Bob Eisenbeis Fed Watching and Forecasting Has Just Become More Important
12/15/2012 David Kotok New Fed Policy & Markets
12/10/2012 Bill Witherell An Asia-Pacific Equity Portfolio Tilt
12/7/2012 David Kotok Market Bullets on Employment Friday
12/4/2012 David Kotok My Personal View on the Fiscal Cliff
12/2/2012 David Kotok Housing, Fiscal C. & Dennis G.
11/29/2012 David Kotok Cliff, Stocks, Churchill
11/25/2012 David Kotok Debt Limit-Fiscal Cliff-Stock Market
11/21/2012 Bill Witherell Downgraded: France Gets a Wake-Up Call
11/20/2012 David Kotok Tocqueville-an error
11/19/2012 David Kotok Fiscal Cliff or Slippery Slope?
11/10/2012 David Kotok Peter Demirali Scholarship Fund
11/9/2012 David Kotok Post-Election Markets
11/8/2012 John Mousseau & Michael Comes Muni Market After Sandy
11/7/2012 David Kotok Peter Demirali Memorial Service
11/7/2012 David Kotok Re-elected President Obama and Fiscal Cliff
11/2/2012 David Kotok Peter Demirali, deceased
10/26/2012 David Kotok Taxes: Obama or Romney Part 2
10/25/2012 David Kotok Taxes: Obama or Romney?
10/22/2012 David Kotok Oil & Tonight’s Debate
10/18/2012 David Kotok Jack Welch’s Gaffe – A Follow-up
10/17/2012 David Kotok California Update
10/13/2012 David Kotok Jack Welch’s Gaffe
10/10/2012 David Kotok & Michael Comes Idiosyncratic vs. Systemic: California Cities, A Case Study
10/8/2012 Bill Witherell Vanguard’s Benchmark Index Changes: Emerging Markets
10/6/2012 David Kotok Sri Jegarajah, Kevin Kerr, Jim Roemer on Oil, Commodities & Weather
10/3/2012 David Kotok Debate-onomics
10/1/2012 Bill Witherell French Impressions
9/30/2012 David Kotok The Triffin Dilemma & Gold
9/28/2012 John Mousseau Muni Bonds Start to Outperform
9/23/2012 David Kotok QE Infinity and US Stock Market
9/20/2012 Michael McNiven Ghana, Healthcare Delivery, and Sustainable Philanthropy
9/17/2012 Bob Eisenbeis We’ll Know It When We See It!
9/16/2012 David Kotok “The Bible says ........”
9/8/2012 David Kotok ECB, OMT: Nuances and Fireflies
9/6/2012 Tessa Milligan Tracking the ELA
9/5/2012 David Kotok Labor Day Report from Leen's Lodge
9/4/2012 Bob Eisenbeis More Stimulus?
9/1/2012 Bill Witherell Food Prices and Commodity ETFs
8/30/2012 David Kotok Frankfurt or Jackson Hole
8/27/2012 David Kotok Bernanke-Draghi: Jackson Hole vs. Leen’s Lodge
8/22/2012 David Kotok Dance of Fireflies
8/20/2012 David Kotok Triage
8/18/2012 Bill Witherell Food Prices and International Equity Markets
8/17/2012 Bob Eisenbeis Poke ‘Em With a Stick: LIBOR Part III
8/15/2012 Tessa Milligan Does the Fed Track the Beveridge Curve?
8/13/2012 David Kotok Ryan – Pusillanimity?
8/11/2012 David Kotok Corn
8/9/2012 David Kotok Report from Maine
8/2/2012 David Kotok ECB: Quick Note from Maine
8/1/2012 David Kotok TAG – An Interim Report from Maine
7/30/2012 David Kotok Libor, ECB, Maine
7/26/2012 Michael Lewitt Junk Bonds Are Fairly Valued
7/25/2012 Michael Comes & John Mousseau Municipal Bankruptcy Comes in Two Flavors
7/25/2012 David Kotok Trout Ranch, Afton, WY, early, early in the morning
7/24/2012 David Kotok Dominoes
7/23/2012 Bill Witherell LIBOR and Public Governance
7/23/2012 Michael Lewitt The Pension Dilemma II
7/20/2012 David Kotok Libor, Banks & ETFs
7/18/2012 Michael Lewitt The Pension Dilemma
7/17/2012 David Kotok The Libor Scandal: Costs and Victims
7/16/2012 Bob Eisenbeis What Did They Know, When Did They Know It and What Did They Do?: Part II
7/9/2012 David Kotok LIBOR, the Fed and the TED
7/7/2012 David Kotok What a crazy week?
7/6/2012 Bill Witherell Corporate Governance and the City
7/5/2012 John Mousseau & Michael Comes Supreme Court Decision and the Muni Health Care Market
7/5/2012 Bob Eisenbeis What Did He Know and When Did He Know It?
7/4/2012 Michael Lewitt LIBOR-Gate
7/3/2012 David Kotok Iran-Persian Gulf-Oil Threat
7/2/2012 David Kotok Europe and Yogi Berra
6/29/2012 John Mousseau The Muni Market Hits Halftime
6/26/2012 David Kotok From Pickerel to Shark
6/24/2012 David Kotok Report from Leens's Lodge
6/21/2012 Bob Eisenbeis Operation Twist 1.1
6/21/2012 David Kotok Twist and Whimper
6/20/2012 Peter Demirali Economic Weakness and Uncertainty Buoy Bonds
6/18/2012 Bill Witherell and David Kotok Deconstructing the Eurozone
6/15/2012 Bob Eisenbeis Desperate Times Call for Drastic Measures
6/14/2012 David Kotok The Eurozone, Swiss National Bank, Market Strategy, Erwan Mahe
6/13/2012 Bob Eisenbeis Lesson Number One
6/12/2012 David Kotok Sorkin's Column, My Response
6/10/2012 David Kotok Spain's Banks and Markets
6/6/2012 David Kotok The 'Good Guys' and the 'Bad Guys'
6/5/2012 John Mousseau Muni Yield Ratios Skyrocket as Treasury Yields Plunge
6/4/2012 Michael Lewitt Opportunities in High-Yield Credit
6/2/2012 David Kotok Say Goodbye to May
5/31/2012 Bob Eisenbeis Capital Standards and Gold
5/29/2012 David Kotok Drachma!
5/28/2012 Bill Witherell Notes from Poland
5/24/2012 David Kotok US Stocks-An Aussie View & Betty Liu
5/23/2012 David Kotok Greece and Banks
5/21/2012 David Kotok Congressional Threat to Every Investor, Business Owner and Citizen - Part 2
5/19/2012 David Kotok Congressional Threat to Every Investor, Business Owner and Citizen - Part 1
5/16/2012 David Kotok Thinking the Unthinkable
5/13/2012 David Kotok Jamie Dimon & Greece: Imperfect Together
5/11/2012 David Kotok JP Morgan-Aaaarrrggghh
5/6/2012 David Kotok My Initial Take on Europe
5/3/2012 Michael Lewitt Not Your Father's High Yield Bond Market
5/2/2012 John Mousseau Land of Lincoln Follow-Up
5/1/2012 Bill Witherell Austerity Versus Growth in the Eurozone
4/30/2012 John Mousseau Illinois: The Land of Lincoln is Leaking
4/29/2012 David Kotok Stocks and Shocks: what to do?
4/23/2012 David Kotok Stock Market Outlook
4/19/2012 David Kotok Some ETF Choices - New Book
4/14/2012 David Kotok Sell in May? 9 Trillion Reasons to Say NO
4/11/2012 Bill Witherell France at Risk
4/8/2012 David Kotok I'm Worried
4/6/2012 David Kotok Today’s Employment Report, also, Europe
4/4/2012 David Kotok The Rain in Spain...is Falling
4/2/2012 Bill Witherell Exchange-Traded Notes Warning Signs
3/30/2012 Bob Eisenbeis Reserve Requirements as a Tool for a Fed Exit Strategy
3/29/2012 David Kotok Back from Paris
3/26/2012 David Kotok Paris au Printemps - 2
3/23/2012 David Kotok Paris au Printemps
3/23/2012 Peter Demirali Which Way are Rates Headed?
3/22/2012 John Mousseau Munis Take a Break (Finally)
3/21/2012 Bill Witherell Poland, the EU Growth Leader
3/19/2012 Michael Lewitt High Yield Credit Outlook
3/18/2012 David Kotok US Stock Market Update
3/14/2012 Michael McNiven A Wake-Up Call & Fee Disclosures for 401(k) Plans
3/12/2012 Bob Eisenbeis Fed Policy in March
3/10/2012 David Kotok Greece, Tragedy & Poetry
3/9/2012 Bill Witherell One Year After the Tsunami, Japan Is Back
3/3/2012 David Kotok OIL, OIL, OIL!!!
2/29/2012 David Kotok Bernanke, FDIC Fee, The Debate is Reactivated
2/27/2012 Bill Witherell Return of the BRIC Equity Markets
2/26/2012 David Kotok Another Crazy Week
2/24/2012 David Kotok Readers Respond to Moral Hazard-CAC
2/23/2012 David Kotok Moral Hazard-CAC
2/18/2012 Bill Witherell Greece-Eurozone
2/17/2012 John Mousseau A Quick Word on the President's Budget Proposal
2/16/2012 David Kotok Stocks Upward Bias, Golden Cross, Risk Rising
2/11/2012 David Kotok Greece - Europe - Credit Spreads Worldwide - Stocks
2/6/2012 David Kotok PCE and CPI
2/3/2012 David Kotok G4-Markets-Gold, Everything Else
2/1/2012 Bob Eisenbeis Fed Transparency
1/31/2012 David Kotok Joe Paterno
1/31/2012 Bob Eisenbeis Loopholes, Subsidies, Incentives, and Taxes
1/30/2012 John Mousseau Munis Cruise Through a Scorching January
1/25/2012 David Kotok The Fed, Stocks & Chimichurri
1/24/2012 Bob Eisenbeis The New Communications Strategy of the Fed
1/21/2012 David Kotok Two Books and Two Fish
1/18/2012 David Kotok Report from Chile
1/17/2012 Bill Witherell Europe Downgrades and Market Response
1/13/2012 Bill Witherell China Update, Part 2
1/10/2012 David Kotok The Love Trapezoid
1/7/2012 David Kotok China Update Part 1
1/2/2012 David Kotok Sunrise 2012
12/30/2011 David Kotok Janet Tavakoli Gets 5 Stars!
12/28/2011 Peter Demirali 2011 Review and Outlook for 2012
12/27/2011 Bill Witherell A Tumultuous Year for Global Financial Markets
12/26/2011 David Kotok Asset Safety in the post-MF Global World
12/23/2011 Bob Eisenbeis As the Year Winds Down
12/20/2011 David Kotok Christian Noyer
12/19/2011 John Mousseau Meredith Redux - One Year Later
12/17/2011 David Kotok G4 Central Bank Balance Sheets / European Contagion
12/13/2011 David Kotok Report from Paris, Part 3
12/12/2011 David Kotok Report from Paris, Part 2
12/9/2011 David Kotok Report from Paris
12/7/2011 Bob Eisenbeis Be Careful What You Wish For
12/4/2011 David Kotok USD-EUR currency exchange rate and the Ellsberg paradox.
12/2/2011 David Kotok Measuring Europe's Contagion
12/1/2011 David Kotok Central Banks and Bullets
12/1/2011 Bill Witherell Reassessing China Equities
11/29/2011 Bob Eisenbeis Desperate Times Call for Drastic Measures
11/25/2011 David Kotok Thanksgiving, Ben Bernanke, WSJ Story (11/23/2011)
11/23/2011 Bill Witherell Looking North for Some Stability
11/22/2011 Bob Eisenbeis Is the Turkey Done Yet??
11/21/2011 David Kotok MF Global & NY Fed - Part 3
11/16/2011 David Kotok Municipal Bankruptcies
11/15/2011 Bill Witherell What About Spain?
11/12/2011 David Kotok CDS, Market Turmoil, Asset Allocation
11/10/2011 John Mousseau Jefferson County Finally Declared Bankruptcy
11/6/2011 David Kotok MF Global and NY Fed - Part 2
11/5/2011 David Kotok MF Global, NY Fed, Chutzpah?
11/1/2011 David Kotok Will the Bears Hibernate?
10/27/2011 Bill Witherell Europe Steps Up to the Plate
10/24/2011 David Kotok Defaults?
10/21/2011 John Mousseau Harrisburg Saga Continues to Unfold
10/17/2011 David Kotok US Stock Market: Bulls vs. Bears; Historians vs. Risk Takers?
10/11/2011 David Kotok Bratislava
10/9/2011 David Kotok Bernanke and Trichet: a parable
10/7/2011 David Kotok Paul McCulley, New GIC Society of Fellows, Paris
10/5/2011 David Kotok Dexia!
10/4/2011 David Kotok Presentation slides from Stockholm
10/3/2011 Peter Demirali Uncharted Territory in Bonds
10/2/2011 David Kotok Trying to help WWHI---this is time sensitive!
10/1/2011 David Kotok Interview from GIC (www.interdependence.org) meeting in Stockholm
9/30/2011 Bob Eisenbeis Do the Math
9/30/2011 Bill Witherell Germany Comes Through
9/29/2011 John Mousseau Rounding the Stretch in Munis
9/28/2011 David Kotok Helsinki - Stockholm
9/27/2011 Michael McNiven Fiduciaries and the Issue of 401(k) Regulation
9/24/2011 David Kotok Herman Cain is my Name
9/22/2011 David Kotok Fed, Mortgages, Housing
9/21/2011 David Kotok Bird Flu... Again?
9/20/2011 Bill Witherell An Autumn Rally in Global Equity Markets? Possible but not Asured
9/19/2011 David Kotok Infrastructure Plan: A Third Option
9/14/2011 David Kotok Build America Bonds (BABs) Update
9/14/2011 David Kotok Policy Madness in Muniland
9/12/2011 Bill Witherell Continuing to Underweight the Eurozone
9/11/2011 David Kotok 9-11-11
9/7/2011 David Kotok Three Research Reports
9/4/2011 David Kotok Labor Day, Leen's Lodge, Employment Report
9/1/2011 John Mousseau Goodnight Irene
8/31/2011 David Kotok Another Bullish Stock Market Indicator
8/30/2011 Bob Eisenbeis The Debt - One More Time
8/29/2011 Bill Witherell Will Germany Continue to be the "Stability Anchor" for the Eurozone?
8/28/2011 David Kotok Good Night Irene: Bullets Dodged
8/26/2011 Bob Eisenbeis Jackson Hole
8/24/2011 John Mousseau Earthquakes and the Muni Bond Market
8/24/2011 David Kotok More Support for the August 9, Selling Climax-Induced Bullish Position?
8/23/2011 Bob Eisenbeis A Two-Step Program to Deal with the Budget and Debt Problem
8/21/2011 David Kotok Qaddafi, Bernanke & Stock Markets
8/19/2011 Bob Eisenbeis Central Bank Policy, Euro Bonds, and QE3
8/18/2011 David Kotok Governor Perry and Fed Independence
8/17/2011 Bill Witherell European Economies at Stall Speed
8/15/2011 David Kotok The Selling Climax-Responses
8/13/2011 David Kotok Was There a Selling Climax?
8/10/2011 John Mousseau The US Downgrade and the Muni Bond Market
8/7/2011 David Kotok S&P Downgrade of US Creditworthiness: Some Initial Thoughts
8/6/2011 David Kotok FDIC, Fed Funds & Leen's Lodge
8/4/2011 David Kotok Report from Leen's Lodge
8/3/2011 John Mousseau Midyear Muni Hot Spots
8/2/2011 Bob Eisenbeis No Taxation without Representation
7/31/2011 David Kotok Two Fish Tales and a Debt Ceiling
7/27/2011 Bob Eisenbeis What is "Fair?"
7/26/2011 Bill Witherell Stress in the Eurozone - A Follow-Up
7/25/2011 David Kotok Gang of 535 plus 2
7/23/2011 David Kotok 202-224-3121
7/21/2011 Bob Eisenbeis Can the Fed Make a Profit for the Taxpayer?
7/20/2011 David Kotok Kill the AMT
7/19/2011 David Kotok Political Resolution is Very Bullish
7/19/2011 Bill Witherell Stress in the Eurozone and its Banks
7/14/2011 David Kotok Report from Oxford
7/13/2011 Bob Eisenbeis Bad Math and Bad Anaylsis
7/12/2011 David Kotok Brits - Trust - Media: Report from London
7/11/2011 Bob Eisenbeis To Target or Not to Target
7/6/2011 Bill Witherell The End of the Soft Patch in the Global Economy?
7/5/2011 Bob Eisenbeis August 2 - Hard Cap or Soft?
6/29/2011 David Kotok Leen's Lodge, FDIC, The Fed
6/28/2011 Michael McNiven The Changing 401(k) Landscape
6/27/2011 Bob Eisenbeis QE 2 and Policy
6/23/2011 Bob Eisenbeis "Pop Quiz"
6/22/2011 John Mousseau Munis at the Halfway Point
6/21/2011 Peter Demirali We Need BABs!
6/17/2011 David Kotok Greek Default Deferred
6/15/2011 David Kotok The US Stock Market
6/11/2011 David Kotok Muniland Update & Whitney on Squawk Box
6/9/2011 David Kotok "The honor of the nation was at stake."
6/8/2011 Bob Eisenbeis Bernanke on R&D
6/6/2011 Bob Eisenbeis Did the Fed Print Money in QE1 and QE2? –Correction and Addendum
6/5/2011 David Kotok Helsinki
6/3/2011 Bob Eisenbeis Did the Fed Print Money in QE1 and QE2?
5/29/2011 David Kotok Les Papillons Noirs
5/27/2011 David Kotok Vallejo Water Bonds and Memorial Day
5/25/2011 David Kotok Mark Haines
5/24/2011 Bill Witherell Renewed Eurozone Worries
5/22/2011 David Kotok Thank You, Joe Mysak
5/19/2011 David Kotok The Muni Wars of Words Continues
5/14/2011 David Kotok US Stocks-ETF Account Strategy Changes
5/10/2011 Bill Witherell China, the Global Locomotive
5/5/2011 David Kotok The Whitney Virus Redux
4/30/2011 David Kotok Sell in May..............?
4/25/2011 Bob Eisenbeis What's a Central Bank to Do?
4/23/2011 David Kotok FDIC and Fed: more questions than answers
4/19/2011 David Kotok Scylla and Charybdis, The FDIC and the Federal Reserve
4/18/2011 Bill Witherell Washington Notes
4/14/2011 David Kotok Agrigento
4/7/2011 Bill Witherell Northern Comfort
4/6/2011 David Kotok Rome
4/3/2011 David Kotok Perigee Moon, US Stocks, Muniland News, FDIC-FOMC-hmmm? Also: GIC-Rome and Speedy Recovery to Paul Horne
4/1/2011 Peter Demirali A Tale of Two Sectors: BABs and Everyone Else
3/31/2011 Bob Eisenbeis Shock and Awe
3/30/2011 John Mousseau The Muni Markets: Crawling Back in the First Quarter
3/29/2011 Bill Witherell The Global Economic Recovery as Q1 Ends
3/28/2011 David Kotok Some Thoughts About the Oil Price?
3/26/2011 David Kotok Muni Defaults: Whitney and Roubini
3/23/2011 David Kotok GIC meeting in Philadelphia: May 24
3/21/2011 Bob Eisenbeis More on U.S. Foreign Currency Interventions
3/19/2011 David Kotok Markets, MENA and Metternich
3/18/2011 David Kotok The G7 is Not Permanent Manna from Heaven!
3/15/2011 David Kotok Keep One Eye on MENA
3/14/2011 David Kotok Japan and Bahrain. Oh, My!
3/13/2011 David Kotok Earthquake-Tsunami-Reactor
3/13/2011 Bill Witherell Tohuku vs. Kobe
3/12/2011 Michael McNiven Changes coming in 401(k) Plans: 2011 is the year of the fees.
3/10/2011 David Kotok Day of Rage
3/9/2011 David Kotok "Endgame" and Fannie-Freddie?
3/5/2011 David Kotok $115 Oil, Contagion, Central banks, Markets and Rome
3/4/2011 Bill Witherell Return of the Eurozone
2/28/2011 David Kotok $100 Oil!
2/24/2011 David Kotok More on Oil and Contagion (and Recession?)
2/23/2011 David Kotok Nowhere Near Over
2/17/2011 David Kotok KHAMSIN
2/16/2011 David Kotok Fed Worries about "Fewer People Looking for Work"
2/15/2011 David Kotok Muniland and Pensions
2/13/2011 Bill Witherell Egypt and Emerging-Market Equities
2/11/2011 David Kotok Egypt, Oil, Markets and The Middle East
2/3/2011 David Kotok More Facts about Muniland
2/2/2011 David Kotok Push Back=Contagion Risk Rising
2/1/2011 David Kotok More on Muniland and Whitney courtesy Bloomberg.com
1/31/2011 Bill Witherell Egypt
1/28/2011 David Kotok Strategy Change in ETF Accounts
1/27/2011 David Kotok Fed Accounting? Is the Problem Solved?
1/26/2011 David Kotok Becky Quick is Rockin'. Is There a Muni Selling Climax?
1/21/2011 David Kotok Muni Madness and CNBC Squawkbox
1/16/2011 David Kotok Chicken Little
1/12/2011 David Kotok Richard Koo and the Andes
1/11/2011 Bob Eisenbeis A Harbinger of Things to Come?
1/4/2011 David Kotok Chile
1/2/2011 David Kotok Pirates Cove
12/29/2010 David Kotok Rick Santelli vs. Congressman Mica
12/26/2010 John Mousseau Lessons from the Muni Bond Market in 2010
12/23/2010 Peter Demirali A Great Bond Bids Farewell
12/22/2010 Bill Witherell International Equity Strategy at Yearend 2010
12/21/2010 Bob Eisenbeis Jobs, Risk, Uncertainty and Next Year: An Elaboration
12/21/2010 David Kotok The Muni Herd Redux
12/18/2010 Bob Eisenbeis A Yearend View from Bob Eisenbeis
12/16/2010 David Kotok The Bond Herd, 6% and Gold
12/9/2010 David Kotok Report from London
12/7/2010 David Kotok Tricks, Entrances and Exits
12/3/2010 David Kotok Today's Employment Report
12/1/2010 David Kotok European Contagion
11/29/2010 David Kotok A Tale of Two Cities and a County in Muniland
11/29/2010 David Kotok Contagion Fear in Europe
11/26/2010 Bob Eisenbeis Fed Communications
11/24/2010 John Mousseau and Michael Comes Cumberland's Response to the Wall Street Journal
11/23/2010 David Kotok Fly Naked; Check No Luggage
11/22/2010 Bob Eisenbeis The Turkey is in the Oven
11/20/2010 Matt Hougan ETF's Firm Foundations by Matt Hougan
11/19/2010 Bill Witherell Equity Market Integration in South America
11/18/2010 Bill Witherell The Global Bull Market in Equities and the Eurozone
11/16/2010 John Mousseau The Spike in Muni Yields - an Opportunity
11/14/2010 David Kotok The Stock Market - FAQ
11/8/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics-Part 13-Idle Iron
11/4/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics-Part 12-An Update
10/29/2010 Bob Eisenbeis Not More QE?
10/28/2010 David Kotok GSE Note Sale: America's Greatness
10/27/2010 Bill Witherell The G-20 Makes Progress but Currency Volatility Continues
10/26/2010 David Kotok QE2: what's an investor to do?
10/24/2010 David Kotok QE2: Yabba Dabba Dooooo
10/18/2010 Bob Eisenbeis The Meeting Before the Meeting
10/15/2010 David Kotok Today, Bernanke and QE2
10/13/2010 Bill Witherell Global Financial Officials Meet, But the Currency Dance Continues
10/7/2010 Peter Demirali Value vs. Growth in Bondland?
10/5/2010 David Kotok Global Musical Chairs
10/4/2010 John Mousseau The Muni Market Moves Forward
10/3/2010 Bob Eisenbeis “The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves”
10/1/2010 Michael McNiven Media Hype and Financial Market Intelligence
9/30/2010 David Kotok Ireland!
9/28/2010 David Kotok The Liesman Indicator
9/27/2010 Bill Witherell Investing in Emerging Markets: Several Favorites
9/20/2010 David Kotok P.T.F.S.D.
9/17/2010 Bill Witherell Investing in Emerging Markets: the BRICS
9/15/2010 David Kotok What the Fed gets for $100 billion
9/14/2010 John Mousseau The Harrisburg Mess-Second Inning
9/8/2010 David Kotok The Fed and Treasury Volatility
9/1/2010 David Kotok Front Running the Fed
8/31/2010 Bob Eisenbeis Bernanke's Jackson Hole Message
8/30/2010 David Kotok The Emperor, the Gladiator & the Lion
8/22/2010 David Kotok Mid-August Bullets
8/17/2010 Bob Eisenbeis The Uncertain FOMC
8/16/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics - Part 11, Report from Baton Rouge
8/14/2010 Peter Demirali BAB vs. JNJ
8/12/2010 John Mousseau The Oil Spill and the Municipal Bond Market
8/9/2010 David Kotok Report From Leen's Lodge
8/6/2010 David Kotok Drama at the Fed Meeting?
8/4/2010 Bill Witherell Europe After the Bank Stress Tests
8/2/2010 David Kotok Three Fish Tales
7/23/2010 David Kotok Taxes and the Stock Market - technical additions and corrections
7/22/2010 David Kotok Taxes and the Stock Market
7/21/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics - Part 10 Trouble in Muniland
7/18/2010 David Kotok More on the Fed’s Balance Sheet
7/15/2010 Bob Eisenbeis Regulation Reform: The Consequences of Dodd-Frank, Part II
7/13/2010 Bob Eisenbeis Regulation Reform: The Consequences of Dodd-Frank, Part I
7/10/2010 David Kotok Steve Liesman and the Fed’s Balance Sheet
7/8/2010 Bill Witherell All Eyes are on China
7/4/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics - Part 9
7/2/2010 David Kotok Euro zone: Our Guest Post from CNBC.com
7/1/2010 Bob Eisenbeis What Does Any of This Have to Do with Financial Reform?
6/28/2010 Bill Witherell A Closer Look at Germany
6/24/2010 David Kotok Markets in Flux?
6/22/2010 Bob Eisenbeis Financial Regulatory Agency Restructuring
6/20/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics - Part 8
6/18/2010 John Mousseau Cumberland’s Response to the “Muni Scare”
6/17/2010 Bob Eisenbeis The FOMC Meeting and Issues Surrounding the Fed Exit Strategy
6/16/2010 David Kotok Report from Paris
6/11/2010 David Kotok Some Observations as We Depart
6/8/2010 Bill Witherell Global Markets Feel the Pain in Spain
6/7/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics - Part 7A
6/6/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics - Part 7
6/3/2010 Bill Witherell Consider Peru
6/2/2010 Bob Eisenbeis LIBOR: Liquidity or Insolvency?
5/31/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics - Part 6
5/28/2010 Bill Witherell Coping with Geopolitical Risk: The Case of South Korea
5/27/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics - Part 5
5/26/2010 Bill Witherell Coping with Geopolitical Risk: The Case of Thailand
5/24/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics - Part 4
5/22/2010 Bob Eisenbeis Extended Period?
5/19/2010 David Kotok Oil & Water, Politics & Markets, Euro & Dollar
5/16/2010 David Kotok The Eurozone and Greece
5/14/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics - Part 3A
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5/10/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics - Part 2
5/8/2010 David Kotok Thursday’s 15 minute crash; Kotok’s polemic; Art Cashin’s wisdom
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5/6/2010 John Mousseau Oil Spill and the Municipal Bond Market
5/3/2010 Bill Witherell Invest in Germany Now?
5/2/2010 David Kotok Oil Slickonomics - Part 1
4/29/2010 Bob Eisenbeis The Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee Deliberations
4/28/2010 David Kotok Bond Markets, Greece, The Fed & The ECB
4/27/2010 David Kotok Vincenzo Sciarretta Interviews Felix Zulauf
4/25/2010 David Kotok The Paulson, Goldman, Tourre Affair
4/18/2010 David Kotok Goldman Sachs & A Cumberland Strategy Change
4/14/2010 Bob Eisenbeis More on Greek Banks and Deposit Insurance
4/12/2010 David Kotok Bank Runs in Greece Trigger Needed Hunkering Down
4/8/2010 David Kotok Tim Geithner and Protectionism
4/7/2010 Bob Eisenbeis Covered Bonds
4/6/2010 Bill Witherell Back from the Brink of a China-US Trade War
4/5/2010 John Mousseau Forces in The Muni Market – First Quarter 2010
4/1/2010 Bob Eisenbeis Into Quarter Two and Beyond
4/1/2010 David Kotok Q2 Outlook plus Stench from the NY Fed
3/31/2010 Peter Demirali Greece and California
3/30/2010 Bill Witherell International Markets in the First Quarter of 2010
3/27/2010 Bill Witherell Another Act in the Greek Drama, the Euro, and Germany
3/17/2010 David Kotok Thank You to Roger Nusbaum, Melissa Lee, Eugenio Moreno
3/13/2010 David Kotok The Forthcoming Financial Reform
3/12/2010 Bob Eisenbeis What is He Thinking?
3/10/2010 David Kotok Charles Evans, Brian Sack, Jurgen Stark and NABE
3/9/2010 John Mousseau Congress Keeps Their Hands in the Muni Market
3/6/2010 David Kotok The MAGI Returns to Muniland
3/2/2010 Bob Eisenbeis Central Bank Independence
3/1/2010 Bill Witherell Chile - Shaken But Still Strong
2/27/2010 David Kotok A Quiet Saturday
2/26/2010 David Kotok Commercial Real Estate: More Trouble Ahead
2/24/2010 Bob Eisenbeis MBS – When Will the Purchases End and What Will Happen to Mortgage Rates?
2/23/2010 Bill Witherell Showdown for Euro Zone Fiscal Policy and the Euro
2/22/2010 David Kotok ETF Strategy Update
2/20/2010 Bob Eisenbeis Fed Watching Had Suddenly Changed
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2/16/2010 David Kotok The Greek Cockroach
2/15/2010 Bill Witherell Is Portugal Next?
2/11/2010 David Kotok My Big, Fat, Never on Sundays Story
2/10/2010 David Kotok Rollover Risk
2/8/2010 Bill Witherell Currency Market Volatility
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2/1/2010 John Mousseau BABs Extension Will Aid the Tax-Free Bond Market
2/1/2010 David Kotok Cordoba
1/30/2010 David Kotok Madrid, Saturday Night, January 30, 2010
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1/26/2010 Bill Witherell Cross-Currents in the Eurozone
1/26/2010 Bob Eisenbeis The Non-Meeting Meeting
1/23/2010 David Kotok Stocks, VIX, Obama Administration & Uncertainty
1/19/2010 David Kotok I'm Mad as Hell and I Am Not Going to Take it Anymore
1/19/2010 Bob Eisenbeis To Tax or Not To Tax
1/14/2010 David Kotok The Fed’s $1.25 Trillion Gambit
1/11/2010 David Kotok Jobs? Glass Half Full? Half Empty? Or Broken?
1/7/2010 David Kotok It Was Only a Paper Moon
1/6/2010 Bill Witherell Global Asset Allocation in 2010
1/5/2010 John Mousseau The Muni Market: A Look Ahead to 2010
1/3/2010 Peter Demirali Fannie and Freddie
12/24/2009 Bob Eisenbeis Walking on Broken Glass
12/23/2009 David Kotok 2010: The Year to Focus on Sovereign Debt
12/21/2009 David Kotok Bribery in the U.S. Senate Sets a New Low Point
12/12/2009 David Kotok Sarasota and Fannie Mae
12/8/2009 David Kotok Growth Over Value
12/5/2009 David Kotok Bernanke Confirmation?
12/2/2009 David Kotok Interview of Eisenbeis and Kotok by Chris Whalen of Institutional Risk Analytics
12/1/2009 Bill Witherell Dubai: A Stress Test for Global Markets
11/30/2009 Bob Eisenbeis Questions for Bernanke
11/27/2009 Bob Eisenbeis The Problems in Dubai
11/26/2009 David Kotok Asia trip, Dubai news, T-Day wish!
11/24/2009 David Kotok Cumberland Advisors Announces Growth and Expansion with Florida Office
11/23/2009 Bob Eisenbeis Is Contingent Capital the Answer to the Bank Capital Problem?
11/17/2009 Bob Eisenbeis In Fed We Trust by Robert A. Eisenbeis and Ellis Tallman
11/16/2009 David Kotok Good Morning, Vietnam!
11/9/2009 Bob Eisenbeis Is Restricting Pay the Silver Bullet?
11/4/2009 David Kotok The Fed and the Unemployment Rate cont’d
11/2/2009 Bill Witherell More BRICs Falling
10/31/2009 David Kotok The Coming Week: Fed, Employment Report, Asia
10/29/2009 Bill Witherell End of the Carnival in Brazil?
10/29/2009 David Kotok Fed Independence: R.I.P.?
10/23/2009 David Kotok $80 Oil.....
10/20/2009 John Mousseau The Muni Market a Year (and change) After the Lehman Failure(What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been)
10/19/2009 Bill Witherell Will the Europeans Be Eating Our Lunch?
10/18/2009 David Kotok Some Observations about Spot Interest Rates and Forward Interest Rates with help from Jason Benderly, Jim Bianco, Ned Davis & Howard Simons
10/12/2009 David Kotok Oh, Those Financials!
10/10/2009 Bill Witherell Investing in a Weak-Dollar Global Economy
10/8/2009 David Kotok Ed Yardeni on Policy
10/4/2009 David Kotok and Bob Eisenbeis The Fed Exit and the Role of BLOBS - Part 2
10/2/2009 David Kotok and Bob Eisenbeis The Fed Exit and the Role of BLOBS - Part 1
9/29/2009 Bill Witherell The Pittsburgh G-20 – Does It Matter?
9/26/2009 David Kotok Iran, Nukes, War & Markets
9/24/2009 Bob Eisenbeis Pay or No Pay?
9/23/2009 Bill Witherell Tires, Chickens, and Trade – One Week Later
9/21/2009 Bob Eisenbeis Did Policy Economists Get It That Wrong?
9/21/2009 David Kotok The Drunk and The Liquor Store
9/15/2009 Bill Witherell Kicking Tires, Playing Chicken: a Misstep on Trade
9/12/2009 David Kotok Reflection on 9/11
9/8/2009 Bob Eisenbeis More on Gold and the CUMB-E Index of Federal Reserve Policy Flexibility
9/6/2009 David Kotok Bankers and Beavers
9/3/2009 David Kotok Hanoi, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong and GIC
8/31/2009 Bill Witherell Japan Votes for a Change
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8/28/2009 David Kotok Weekend Reading About the VA (Veterans Administration)
8/26/2009 Bill Witherell The End of Bank Secrecy?
8/24/2009 David Kotok Bernanke!
8/24/2009 Bob Eisenbeis Introducing CUMB-E Index of Federal Reserve Policy Flexibility
8/23/2009 David Kotok Oil. The Price Forecasts Vary. Why?
8/18/2009 David Kotok September! Also, Closing the Lehman Gap
8/16/2009 David Kotok Moody’s, Munis and Cousin BABs
8/14/2009 David Kotok Ricardian Equivalence
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6/10/2009 Bill Witherell Notes from the Corporate Governance Front Lines
6/10/2009 Bob Eisenbeis The Fed Subpoena and BofA Testimony
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5/3/2009 David Kotok Swine Flu Strategy Update
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4/14/2009 Joseph Mason Regulatory Malfeasance and the Financial System Collapse
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3/18/2009 Bob Eisenbeis An Interesting Hearing: AIG - Part One of Three
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3/18/2009 Bob Eisenbeis An Interesting Hearing: AIG - Part Three of Three
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3/9/2009 David Kotok Fixing the Banking System
3/8/2009 Bill Witherell Investor Eyes Are on the Dragon Economy
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3/2/2009 David Kotok AIG: What It Means?
3/2/2009 Bob Eisenbeis Citigroup: Who Has the Pea?
2/26/2009 Bob Eisenbeis Stress Tests: What They Mean and Don't Mean
2/25/2009 Bill Witherell Cry for Argentina, Maybe for Mexico; Dry Eyes for Brazil and Chile
2/24/2009 Bob Eisenbeis Housing Affordability Plan
2/22/2009 David Kotok The next chapter in Citigroup's saga is unfolding as the Oscar winners are revealed
2/17/2009 Bob Eisenbeis Primary Dealers
2/16/2009 Bill Witherell The G7 and the Global Recession
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2/11/2009 Christopher Whalen Does Fair Value Accounting + Credit Default Swaps = Global Deflation?
2/10/2009 David Kotok Tim Geithner's Speech and Plan
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2/2/2009 David Kotok Managing Inflation Expectations and Motivating Economic Growth by Joseph R. Mason
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1/28/2009 David Kotok Today's Fed Statement
1/27/2009 Bob Eisenbeis Why Secretary Geithner's China Comments Matter
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1/21/2009 James Bianco Bianco: The Dow Is Distorted
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1/18/2009 David Kotok Geithner and the NY Fed Code of Conduct
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12/7/2008 David Kotok 'None. Zilch. Zip.'
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12/4/2008 Bob Eisenbeis Reflections on Mumbai and What It Might Mean
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11/28/2008 Bob Eisenbeis Transparency or Opacity?
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10/6/2008 Bob Eisenbeis Doom and Gloom?
10/4/2008 David Kotok Money: From American to Zimbabwe
10/2/2008 John Mousseau Municipal Madness Again
10/1/2008 David Kotok The Senate's Deed is Done
10/1/2008 David Kotok What a Mess!
9/27/2008 David Kotok Pontificatus Interruptus
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9/22/2008 Bob Eisenbeis How Much Money Does the FDIC Really Have?
9/20/2008 David Kotok What a week! Not just last week but next week, too!
9/16/2008 David Kotok AIG-LEH-Federal Reserve and Asymmetric Information. Special thanks to John Silvia, Dennis Gartman, George Akerlof and (we hope) Janet Yellen
9/11/2008 David Kotok September 11th Reflection
9/10/2008 Bob Eisenbeis Wishful Thinking
9/9/2008 Bill Witherell Trouble in the Eurozone
9/8/2008 Bob Eisenbeis Hank Punts on First Day of Pro Football Season
9/6/2008 David Kotok GSE and Moral Hazard
9/2/2008 John Mousseau One Small Step for a Beaten-Up Insurer and a Battered Muni Market
9/1/2008 David Kotok Banks, Cash & Labor Day
8/24/2008 David Kotok Vladimir Putin, Teddy Roosevelt, the GIC & me on a Baltic Non-vacation
8/19/2008 David Kotok Hans Christian Anderson and Vladimir Putin
8/18/2008 Bob Eisenbeis Primary Dealers and Their Loss Experience
8/15/2008 David Kotok Joseph Stalin plus 75 (years) = Vladimir Putin
8/13/2008 Bill Witherell Russia Enters Georgia - Cumberland Exits Russian Stocks
8/10/2008 David Kotok Auction Rate Securities (ARS) and a new Fed 'Maiden Lane 2'. Also, Cleveland: 'hold your water.' And more on fishing weekend in Maine
8/6/2008 David Kotok Fishing and Forecasting
7/30/2008 Bob Eisenbeis Sliced Bread or Double Dipping? More on Covered Bonds
7/29/2008 David Kotok Celebrating the Anniversary of the Credit Crunch in Maine
7/25/2008 David Kotok How Safe is Your Bank?
7/24/2008 Bob Eisenbeis Are Covered Bonds the Answer?
7/23/2008 Bill Witherell The Global Bear Market in Equities
7/21/2008 Bob Eisenbeis 'IndyMac: Who's to Blame for What?'
7/20/2008 John Mousseau Tax-free Bond Opportunity: A VRDN Case Study
7/17/2008 Bob Eisenbeis What Next for Freddic Mac and Fannie Mae?
7/13/2008 David Kotok About Paulson's Statement
7/12/2008 David Kotok Fannie and Freddie
7/8/2008 David Kotok TAF, Fallacy of Composition, Report from Singapore
7/2/2008 David Kotok TAF Results and Banks
4/14/2008 Bill Witherell Financial Turmoil moves G7 to Decisive Action
1/7/2008 Bill Witherell Investing in Emerging Markets- Will the Boom Continue in 2008?
12/31/2007 Bill Witherell Cumberland’s 2008 Emerging Markets Strategy
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12/1/2007 David Kotok Northern Rock has a branch in Tallahassee
11/26/2007 Bill Witherell Thanksgiving in Hanoi
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5/12/2007 David Kotok Pharaoh's Dream
5/11/2007 Bill Witherell France is Still France
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4/28/2007 John Mousseau The DELPORT Mess -- An Insult to Citizens and A Boon to Investors
4/24/2007 David Kotok Seasonality
4/15/2007 David R. Kotok and Bill Witherell Repatriation Redux
4/12/2007 David Kotok Between the Dog and the Tree
4/9/2007 Peter Demirali Taxable Municipal (Subprime Housing) Bonds
4/1/2007 David Kotok Flat Corporate Profits Mean Tech Sector Growth
3/24/2007 David Kotok Japan Carry Trade and Stocks and Bonds
3/20/2007 David Kotok The Fed, Housing, and John Berry
3/13/2007 David Kotok Stocks vs. Bonds (2 ways) + How to evaluate this sell off
3/7/2007 David Kotok This Time is Different
3/2/2007 Matt Forester and Peter Demirali Change In Direction? Or Just a Correction?
2/28/2007 David Kotok Easter Island
2/23/2007 Bill Witherell The Elephant and the Dragon – A Tale of Two Markets
2/22/2007 Peter Demirali Davis vs. Kentucky: Implications for Taxable Municipal Bonds
2/13/2007 David Kotok 4,294,967,296 Reasons We Are Bullish on the Tech Sector
2/12/2007 David Kotok Uncle Ben’s Rice to be served in Santiago, Chile
2/3/2007 David Kotok Bird Flu Update
1/24/2007 David Kotok Oil, Oil, Oil, and CORN!!
1/22/2007 Bill Witherell Investing in China via Hong Kong - Riding the Dragon with Less Risk
1/18/2007 John Mousseau Kentucky Court Decision - Is a Muni Realignment Coming? A Q&A
1/16/2007 David Kotok BOJ, BOE, ECB & the FED: it’s the real interest rate that counts!
1/12/2007 Bill Witherell Germany Leads the EUROZONE Recovery
1/6/2007 David Kotok Another Damned Prophecy
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1/1/2006 David Kotok Happy New Year, Mr. Putin! Also, Our 2006 Summary Outlook for Bonds and Stocks