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Date Author Title
7/19/2014 David Kotok Tapering Is Now Tightening
7/16/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Hope Is Not a Strategy
7/13/2014 David Kotok Message from the Beveridge Curves
7/9/2014 David Kotok Cash Reserve Continued
7/9/2014 Bill Witherell China’s Economy Returns to Leading Asia Recovery
7/7/2014 David Kotok FAQ - Leen's Lodge and Jackson Hole
7/4/2014 David Kotok Happy Independence Day
7/2/2014 David Kotok Happy 4th, Cash Reserve in Place and Why?
6/30/2014 Michael Comes The Cold Shoulder
6/29/2014 David Kotok Q3 Markets; also FT 300
6/26/2014 David Kotok Second Quarter Review
6/25/2014 Michael Comes The Hidden Infrastructure Dilemma
6/24/2014 David Kotok Master Limited Partnerships - Part II
6/23/2014 Bill Witherell Abe Refines and Aims His “Third Arrow” of Reforms at Japan’s Economy
6/23/2014 Nannette L. Sabo Taxable Fixed Income Second Quarter Review
6/20/2014 David Kotok Report from Leen's Lodge
6/18/2014 John Mousseau Muni Market 2014 Halftime Show
6/17/2014 David Kotok Oil – Tom Keene’s Question
6/15/2014 David Kotok Oil!
6/12/2014 David Kotok Cumberland Advisors Announces Expansion and Staff Addition
6/12/2014 David Kotok Cutting Asparagus
6/8/2014 David Kotok Master Limited Partnerships (MLP)
6/5/2014 Bill Witherell The ECB and the Hesitant Eurozone Recovery
6/2/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Reverse Repos
5/31/2014 David Kotok Report from Galapagos
5/29/2014 David Kotok Gasoline Prices - Income Inequality - Thomas Picketty’s Book - Galapagos, Ecuador
5/27/2014 David Kotok The Bottom Line of Disabilities: The Social, Financial and Economic Impact in our Communities
5/25/2014 David Kotok Memorial Day - 2014
5/19/2014 John Mousseau What Happened to the Muni Meltdown?
5/17/2014 David Kotok Ten Year Treasury Note @ 2.5%
5/15/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Labor Market Slack and Inflation Dynamics
5/14/2014 Bill Witherell The ECB is ready to act - will it be effective?
5/13/2014 David Kotok FX, Palindrome, May 19
5/9/2014 David Kotok Back from IMCA
5/3/2014 David Kotok About Cinco de Mayo
5/1/2014 David Kotok Biotech ETFs
4/28/2014 David Kotok Summary of the GIC meeting - April 16, 2014
4/25/2014 David Kotok Containing Ukraine
4/24/2014 Bill Witherell Global Growth Is Picking Up – So Are Geopolitical Tensions
4/19/2014 David Kotok More on Tapering vs. Tightening?
4/13/2014 David Kotok Are You Concerned About Markets?
4/12/2014 Michael Comes U-Turn
4/11/2014 David Kotok SIMAGA
4/10/2014 Nannette L. Sabo Taxable Fixed Income, 1Q 2014
4/7/2014 Bob Eisenbeis How is the Board of Governors like the Kentucky Wildcats?
4/6/2014 David Kotok Michael Lewis's New Book
4/5/2014 Bill Witherell International Equity, Q1 2014
4/4/2014 Michael Comes Muni Green Shoots
4/1/2014 John Mousseau Muni Bounce-back Helps the First Quarter
3/31/2014 David Kotok Big Data
3/27/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Bitcoin, the IRS, and NSA
3/26/2014 Bill Witherell The Baltic Republics and Putin
3/25/2014 David Kotok Guest Words from Bob Brusca
3/25/2014 Bill Witherell Upgrading India
3/24/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Doubt the Dots
3/22/2014 David Kotok More on Russian, Crimea, Markets
3/19/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Back to the Future
3/19/2014 David Kotok Inflation, Crimea, Markets
3/17/2014 David Kotok Will Congress Rob Charities Through Inaction?
3/15/2014 Bob Eisenbeis The New York Fed and Its Custodial Role for Foreign Entities
3/13/2014 David Kotok Crimea and the Alamo
3/11/2014 David Kotok A Short Clarification on Puerto Rico
3/11/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Employment and Growth
3/10/2014 Bill Witherell Ukraine – NATO, the EU, and the US vs. Putin
3/7/2014 David Kotok Report from Paris II
3/6/2014 David Kotok Report from Paris
3/5/2014 David Kotok Puerto Rico Update
3/3/2014 David Kotok Markets, Ukraine, Paris
3/2/2014 David Kotok Report from Phoenix
2/27/2014 Michael Comes Detroit Update
2/25/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Redistribution
2/25/2014 Bill Witherell Ukraine Matters
2/22/2014 David Kotok Yulia Tymoshenko vs. Vladimir Putin
2/20/2014 Bob Eisenbeis It’s the Economy
2/18/2014 David Kotok Applause for Debt-Ceiling Courage
2/16/2014 David Kotok Carsten Valgreen, Paris, Markets, Contagion Risk
2/12/2014 Bob Eisenbeis The Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee on Identity Theft
2/10/2014 Bill Witherell Good News for the ECB and Europe
2/9/2014 David Kotok More on Puerto Rico Debt
2/7/2014 David Kotok Today’s Employment Report & Markets
2/5/2014 David Kotok Contagion-FAQ
2/5/2014 John Mousseau Puerto Rico - The Step Down
2/3/2014 John Mousseau & Michael Comes Detroit Bites Again
1/29/2014 David Kotok The Fed and Markets
1/27/2014 David Kotok ETFs, Currency Risk, Markets
1/26/2014 David Kotok More on Energy
1/24/2014 David Kotok Markets and Banks
1/20/2014 David Kotok Smoking Pot
1/18/2014 David Kotok Pondering Energy on a Cool Day in Key West
1/17/2014 Bob Eisenbeis The Target and Neiman Marcus Incidents – A Call for Review?
1/16/2014 David Kotok Tanya Moore, Sheila Bair, Janet Yellen & GIC
1/13/2014 Bob Eisenbeis Jobs and FOMC Policy
1/10/2014 David Kotok The Energy Sector & US Markets
1/9/2014 Michael Comes Municipal Credit in the New Year
1/8/2014 Bill Witherell European Banks, the Banking Union, and Equity Markets
1/5/2014 David Kotok The Alto Puelo Lodge-A Photo Essay Report
1/3/2014 David Kotok Core ETFs in 2014
12/30/2013 Michael McNiven International Equities at Year-End: Achy Breaky Emerging Markets
12/27/2013 Nannette Sabo Build America Bonds: A Year in Review
12/23/2013 David Kotok Summer Solstice at Salar de Atacama
12/20/2013 David Kotok Yearend Notes from Calama, Chile
12/19/2013 Bill Witherell International Equities at Year-End: The Advanced Markets
12/18/2013 Bob Eisenbeis More on the Fed and Reverse Repos
12/17/2013 John Mousseau The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Muni Bonds in 2013
12/16/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Are Reverse Repos the Answer to the Fed’s Exit Problem?
12/14/2013 David Kotok Crowding In – Bond Interest Rates
12/13/2013 David Kotok The Evolving Policy Landscape
12/9/2013 Bill Witherell Netherlands After Losing Its AAA Credit Rating
12/8/2013 David Kotok East Asian Kerfuffle
12/6/2013 David Kotok Today's Employment Report
12/4/2013 John Mousseau Motor City Finally Hits Bankruptcy
12/2/2013 David Kotok Interview with Zero Hedge
11/30/2013 Bill Witherell The Global Economy in 2014 – the OECD, Japan, and China
11/25/2013 David Kotok Tapering is Tightening or Easing?
11/24/2013 David Kotok The Iran Deal: A Quick Note
11/21/2013 Bob Eisenbeis A Work In Progress
11/20/2013 David Kotok Some Thoughts about Energy
11/17/2013 David Kotok Tapering or Tightening?
11/15/2013 Bob Eisenbeis That's Our Story and We Are Sticking to It
11/11/2013 David Kotok Three Dynamics
11/3/2013 David Kotok Politics, Economics, Markets
10/29/2013 David Kotok Puerto Rico Update
10/27/2013 Bill Witherell Broad Economic Recovery in the UK, But Equities Lag
10/25/2013 David Kotok Rand Paul & Janet Yellen
10/22/2013 David Kotok Interlude
10/16/2013 David Kotok Deal Done!
10/16/2013 David Kotok Puerto Rico
10/15/2013 David Kotok Fitch
10/13/2013 David Kotok Whipsaw
10/8/2013 David Kotok Janet Yellen
10/7/2013 David Kotok Moving Chess Pieces
10/6/2013 Bill Witherell Japan Update – Abenomics Still Broadly On Track
10/2/2013 David Kotok Debt Limit, The Fed, Interest Rates
10/1/2013 John Mousseau The Muni Bounce Back
9/30/2013 David Kotok Shutdown Dumbness: Walking Softly?
9/25/2013 Bill Witherell Investing in the Recovery in Europe, Part 2: Eurozone Equity Markets After the German Election
9/23/2013 David Kotok Central Banks and Politics
9/21/2013 David Kotok Is the Fed an Enabler?
9/20/2013 Bill Witherell Investing in the Recovery in Europe - Part 1, The Big Picture
9/18/2013 David Kotok Fed Fog, Syrian Smoke; There is a Breeze!
9/15/2013 David Kotok Ethanol: Another Chapter in Scamnation
9/12/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Would We Be Having the Same Conversation?
9/11/2013 David Kotok Reflection on 9/11
9/9/2013 David Kotok We thank Barron's
9/5/2013 David Kotok Assert a Principle? Measure Market Risk?
8/30/2013 David Kotok Labor Day Weekend at Leen’s Lodge – Market Worries
8/29/2013 Bob Eisenbeis More Than You Want to Know
8/23/2013 David Kotok Tapering? Maybe not?
8/22/2013 David Kotok Does a Troubled President Equal a Troubled Market?
8/19/2013 Bob Eisenbeis When Will the Fed Begin Tapering Its Asset Purchase Program?
8/18/2013 David Kotok Mixed Messages & Conflicting Indicators
8/15/2013 David Kotok More on strategy change and why we made it
8/10/2013 David Kotok A Strategy Change
8/8/2013 Bill Witherell Japan – Is Abenomics Running Out of Steam?
8/2/2013 David Kotok Report from Leen’s Lodge
7/30/2013 Bob Eisenbeis The Dangers of Using Pseudo Research to Assess FOMC Forecast Accuracy
7/29/2013 David Kotok Reducing Energy Weight
7/26/2013 David Kotok Detroit, Munis, A Follow Up
7/24/2013 David Kotok More on Munis, Detroit, Bloomberg, Whitney & Wilson
7/23/2013 Bill Witherell Japanese Elections – The Bull Market for Equities Is Likely to Continue
7/22/2013 David Kotok Cheap Munis, Not Detroit
7/19/2013 David Kotok Detroit!
7/17/2013 David Kotok Bernanke & Jackson Hole Final Report
7/15/2013 David Kotok More from Jackson Hole
7/13/2013 David Kotok Report from Jackson Hole
7/5/2013 David Kotok Extended Period + Jackson Hole
7/4/2013 David Kotok As American as Bordeaux
7/2/2013 Bill Witherell Egypt at the Brink – Some Investment Implications
7/2/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Forget Tapering and Exit via Reserve Requirements
7/1/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Just When You Think It Can’t Get Any Worse…
6/27/2013 David Kotok BLS and Sequester
6/27/2013 John Mousseau Illinois Yields to a Battered Bond Market
6/26/2013 David Kotok The Fed & Munis-Quite a Stretch
6/25/2013 John Mousseau Meredith Redux
6/25/2013 Bill Witherell Salmon by Moonlight and Emerging Markets
6/23/2013 David Kotok Report from Leen’s Lodge
6/21/2013 David Kotok The Deputy: A View from Leen’s Lodge
6/20/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Can You Hear Me Now?
6/20/2013 David Kotok Saudi? Virus? Taking up Energy Weight
6/18/2013 David Kotok 40th Anniversary
6/17/2013 Bill Witherell Developed, Emerging, and Frontier Market MSCI Classification Changes and Viet Nam
6/15/2013 David Kotok Just say it!
6/13/2013 David Kotok Bond ETFs
6/12/2013 David Kotok The Bond Market and Inflation
6/7/2013 John Mousseau The Muni Sell-off is an Opportunity
6/7/2013 David Kotok Today’s Jobs Report
6/6/2013 Bill Witherell Japan Note 2: Investors Not Impressed with Abe's "Third Arrow"
6/4/2013 David Kotok Abuse of Power-2
6/4/2013 Bill Witherell Trouble in Turkey
6/2/2013 David Kotok IRS-Abuse of Power-Markets
5/30/2013 David Kotok Negative Interest Rates
5/29/2013 Bob Eisenbeis It Depends Upon the Data
5/28/2013 Bill Witherell Japan Note 1: Market Top or Entry Point?
5/27/2013 David Kotok Memorial Day Poppy-Part 2
5/25/2013 David Kotok Memorial Day Poppies
5/24/2013 David Kotok Inflation and Stocks
5/21/2013 David Kotok Final Report from Italy
5/19/2013 David Kotok Report from Tuscany
5/16/2013 David Kotok Report from Milan
5/15/2013 David Kotok America’s Political Woes, Headlines in Milan
5/12/2013 David Kotok Central Banks, Milan, Tuscany
5/10/2013 David Kotok Understanding the Stock Market-Part 2
5/9/2013 David Kotok Understanding the Stock Market
5/8/2013 David Kotok Sequester vs. National Defense
5/6/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Point of No Return?
5/5/2013 David Kotok Federal Deficit and Markets
5/3/2013 David Kotok JOBS?
5/2/2013 Bill Witherell Italy’s Equity Market Turning the Corner
5/1/2013 Bob Eisenbeis When Will the Fed Act and What Will It Do?
4/29/2013 David Kotok Now What?
4/26/2013 David Kotok FAA
4/25/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste
4/25/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Sequestration (Part 2)
4/23/2013 David Kotok Boston: Some Bullets and a Polemic
4/23/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Sequestration
4/19/2013 David Kotok Gold
4/15/2013 David Kotok Markets Today
4/12/2013 David Kotok President Obama’s $3 Million IRA Cap! Hmmm?
4/10/2013 David Kotok Bird Flu
4/8/2013 David Kotok Bail-In vs. Bailout
4/5/2013 John Mousseau A Quick Note on Stockton
4/5/2013 Bill Witherell Bank of Japan Surprises with Aggressive Easing
4/4/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Is the Job Market Stable?
4/2/2013 David Kotok Contagion Starts Small
3/30/2013 David Kotok Euro: Requiem or Renewal?
3/28/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Has EU Solved the Bank Capital Adequacy Problem?
3/26/2013 David Kotok Report from Dubai - 2
3/25/2013 David Kotok Quick Notes from Dubai
3/24/2013 David Kotok Report from Dubai
3/21/2013 Bob Eisenbeis The New Fed Policy
3/20/2013 David Kotok Report from Paris 2
3/19/2013 Bob Eisenbeis The Mouse that Roared
3/18/2013 David Kotok Report from Paris
3/16/2013 David Kotok Cypriot Banks
3/15/2013 David Kotok Raising Cash
3/14/2013 Bill Witherell Are There Investment Opportunities in Europe?
3/13/2013 David Kotok North Korea and Markets
3/12/2013 David Kotok Japan
3/8/2013 David Kotok Today's Employment Report
3/6/2013 David Kotok Still Bullish
3/5/2013 John Mousseau Motor City Meltdown
2/27/2013 David Kotok Markets, Wealth, NY Fed
2/23/2013 David Kotok More on Markets and Wealth Effects
2/22/2013 David Kotok Elasticity, Markets, Wealth Effects
2/19/2013 Bill Witherell G20 Meeting A Positive Surprise
2/17/2013 David Kotok Gretchen Morgenson & NY Fed
2/15/2013 Bill Witherell Currencies, the G7, G20, and Japan
2/14/2013 David Kotok Meredith, Will You Be My Valentine?
2/13/2013 David Kotok The Real State of the Union
2/11/2013 David Kotok Currency War?
2/9/2013 David Kotok California: Still Dreamin’
2/4/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Duped Again
2/1/2013 David Kotok Today's Employment Report
1/29/2013 Bob Eisenbeis What Makes Us Think They Will Pay?
1/27/2013 David Kotok Peace Dividend and Fiscal Policy Debate
1/21/2013 David Kotok Taxation Without Representation
1/14/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Three Myths and Misunderstandings
1/10/2013 David Kotok A Tax Barbell
1/9/2013 Bill Witherell Central Banks Ease Future Liquidity Standards for Globe's Big Banks
1/7/2013 Bob Eisenbeis Losing Money on the Replay
1/3/2013 David Kotok The Taxpayer Relief Act-a misnomer to celebrate the swearing in of the new Congress
12/27/2012 David Kotok Dear Mr. Speaker
12/27/2012 Bill Witherell Will Japan Lead Asia’s Markets in 2013?
12/23/2012 David Kotok A Rotten Apple?
12/21/2012 David Kotok Mayans, Lincoln, Markets
12/17/2012 Bob Eisenbeis Fed Watching and Forecasting Has Just Become More Important
12/15/2012 David Kotok New Fed Policy & Markets
12/10/2012 Bill Witherell An Asia-Pacific Equity Portfolio Tilt
12/7/2012 David Kotok Market Bullets on Employment Friday
12/4/2012 David Kotok My Personal View on the Fiscal Cliff
12/2/2012 David Kotok Housing, Fiscal C. & Dennis G.
11/29/2012 David Kotok Cliff, Stocks, Churchill
11/25/2012 David Kotok Debt Limit-Fiscal Cliff-Stock Market
11/21/2012 Bill Witherell Downgraded: France Gets a Wake-Up Call
11/20/2012 David Kotok Tocqueville-an error
11/19/2012 David Kotok Fiscal Cliff or Slippery Slope?
11/10/2012 David Kotok Peter Demirali Scholarship Fund
11/9/2012 David Kotok Post-Election Markets
11/8/2012 John Mousseau & Michael Comes Muni Market After Sandy
11/7/2012 David Kotok Peter Demirali Memorial Service
11/7/2012 David Kotok Re-elected President Obama and Fiscal Cliff
11/2/2012 David Kotok Peter Demirali, deceased
10/26/2012 David Kotok Taxes: Obama or Romney Part 2
10/25/2012 David Kotok Taxes: Obama or Romney?
10/22/2012 David Kotok Oil & Tonight’s Debate
10/18/2012 David Kotok Jack Welch’s Gaffe – A Follow-up
10/17/2012 David Kotok California Update
10/13/2012 David Kotok Jack Welch’s Gaffe
10/10/2012 David Kotok & Michael Comes Idiosyncratic vs. Systemic: California Cities, A Case Study
10/8/2012 Bill Witherell Vanguard’s Benchmark Index Changes: Emerging Markets
10/6/2012 David Kotok Sri Jegarajah, Kevin Kerr, Jim Roemer on Oil, Commodities & Weather
10/3/2012 David Kotok Debate-onomics
10/1/2012 Bill Witherell French Impressions
9/30/2012 David Kotok The Triffin Dilemma & Gold
9/28/2012 John Mousseau Muni Bonds Start to Outperform
9/23/2012 David Kotok QE Infinity and US Stock Market
9/20/2012 Michael McNiven Ghana, Healthcare Delivery, and Sustainable Philanthropy
9/17/2012 Bob Eisenbeis We’ll Know It When We See It!
9/16/2012 David Kotok “The Bible says ........”
9/8/2012 David Kotok ECB, OMT: Nuances and Fireflies
9/6/2012 Tessa Milligan Tracking the ELA
9/5/2012 David Kotok Labor Day Report from Leen's Lodge
9/4/2012 Bob Eisenbeis More Stimulus?
9/1/2012 Bill Witherell Food Prices and Commodity ETFs
8/30/2012 David Kotok Frankfurt or Jackson Hole
8/27/2012 David Kotok Bernanke-Draghi: Jackson Hole vs. Leen’s Lodge
8/22/2012 David Kotok Dance of Fireflies
8/20/2012 David Kotok Triage
8/18/2012 Bill Witherell Food Prices and International Equity Markets
8/17/2012 Bob Eisenbeis Poke ‘Em With a Stick: LIBOR Part III
8/15/2012 Tessa Milligan Does the Fed Track the Beveridge Curve?
8/13/2012 David Kotok Ryan – Pusillanimity?
8/11/2012 David Kotok Corn
8/9/2012 David Kotok Report from Maine
8/2/2012 David Kotok ECB: Quick Note from Maine
8/1/2012 David Kotok TAG – An Interim Report from Maine
7/30/2012 David Kotok Libor, ECB, Maine
7/26/2012 Michael Lewitt Junk Bonds Are Fairly Valued
7/25/2012 Michael Comes & John Mousseau Municipal Bankruptcy Comes in Two Flavors
7/25/2012 David Kotok Trout Ranch, Afton, WY, early, early in the morning
7/24/2012 David Kotok Dominoes
7/23/2012 Bill Witherell LIBOR and Public Governance
7/23/2012 Michael Lewitt The Pension Dilemma II