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Our People

Executive Committee

David R. Kotok

Chairman and Chief Investment Officer
800.257.7013, Ext.320

Daisy G. Lopez

Executive Vice President of Operations
800.257.7013, Ext.317

John R. Mousseau, CFA

Executive Vice President & Director of Fixed Income
800.257.7013, Ext.307

Matthew C. McAleer

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager
800.257.7013, Ext.346

Michael McNiven, Ph.D.

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager
800.257.7013, Ext.316

Phyllis Streit

Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer
800.257.7013, Ext.334

Robert Eisenbeis, Ph.D.

Vice Chairman & Chief Monetary Economist
800.257.7013, Ext.311

Sharon Prizant

Managing Director & Director of Marketing
800.257.7013, Ext.335

Thérèse M. Pantalione, IACCP ®

Managing Director & Compliance Officer
800.257.7013, Ext.315

Timothy J. Lyle

Compliance Officer
800.257.7013, Ext.350

Investment Department

Amy Raymond

Fixed Income Department Manager
800.257.7013, Ext.305

Bill Witherell, Ph.D.

Chief Global Economist & Portfolio Manager
800.257.7013, Ext.338

Brenda Venditti

Head Trader
800.257.7013, Ext.306

Daniel Himelberger

Portfolio Manager & Fixed Income Analyst
800.257.7013, Ext.343

DonnaMarie Valles

Portfolio Manager & ETF Analyst
800.257.7013, Ext.336

Gabriel Hament

Foundations and Charitable Accounts
800.257.7013, Ext.345

Laura Mattia Ph.D., CFP®

SVP Financial Planning
800.257.7013, Ext.353

Leo Chen, Ph.D.

Portfolio Manager & Quantitative Analyst
800.257.7013, Ext.312

Maribel Echevarria

Senior Vice President of Trading
800.257.7013, Ext.310

Michael Blackmon, CFA

Regional Director of Investments
800.257.7013, Ext.322

Patricia Healy, CFA

Senior Vice President of Research and Portfolio Manager
800.257.7013, Ext.349

Robert Malvenda

Vice President & Portfolio Manager - Fixed Income
800.257.7013, Ext.332

Shaun Burgess

Portfolio Manager & Fixed Income Analyst
800.257.7013, Ext.319

William R. Hannan

Regional Director of Investments
800.257.7013, Ext.351

Business Development

Pam Scott

Sales Support Manager
800.257.7013, Ext.341

Administrative Support

Desiree Metcalf

Bookkeeper & Administrative Assistant to Phyllis Streit
800.257.7013, Ext.301

Julie Takeda

Administrative Assistant to John Mousseau
800.257.7013, Ext.309

Nelida Vidro

Executive Secretary to David Kotok
800.257.7013, Ext.321

Samantha Jackson

Administrative Assistant to John Mousseau
800.257.7013, Ext.308


Dawn Saroniero

New Accounts Assistant
800.257.7013, Ext.344

Divad S. Valles

New Accounts Manager
800.257.7013, Ext.337

Donna Sooy

Senior Vice President, Operations/New Accounts
800.257.7013, Ext.314

Melissa Rio

New Accounts Assistant
800.257.7013, Ext.342

Rosalind Bailey

Senior Operations Administrative Assistant
800.257.7013, Ext.326

Yvonne Dziadkowiec

Operations Assistant
800.257.7013, Ext.347

Information Technology

Steven Hall

Director of Information Technology
800.257.7013, Ext.324

Patricia Smith

Systems Administrator
800.257.7013, Ext.329

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