Reviewing Camp Kotok Discussions

Jeremy Schwartz offers up his views and takeaways from Camp Kotok at this link below. We include this excerpt.

This year, one of the weekend’s events was a panel discussion on monetary policy moderated by Martin Barnes, chief economist at BCA Research. Participants on the panel included two Fed “insiders”—Danielle DiMartino Booth, former advisor to Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher, and Bob Eisenbeis, former research director at the Atlanta Fed—and two Fed observers—Jim Bianco of Bianco Research (who does great macro research with a fixed income bent) and Megan Greene, chief economist at Manulife.

We did a preview of this panel on our “Behind the Markets” podcast to take the discussion out to a broader population. Barnes and Bianco were on for the hour (More expansive notes are included at the link below, some of which are briefly highlighted here).

  • On who will be next Fed president
  • On balance sheet run-off
  • On the dollar
  • Getting More Defensive Out of Equities
  • Fed Fear
  • Global QE Matters More

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