Global Dialogue & Exchange of Divergent Perspectives: The Rocky Mountain Economic Summit

Leo Chen, Ph.D., Portfolio Manager & Quantitative Strategist for Cumberland Advisors, will join me to speak on July 12th for an annual gathering of economists, bankers, academics, and finance industry representatives known as the Rocky Mountain Economic Summit. If you missed Dr. Chen’s recent commentary on the VIX and volatility in the market, you can still read it online here or around the web; it’s been getting a bit of press this week: The VIX and the S&P 500-An Equity Market Duet

If you’d like to know more about Leo, there is a link to his bio at the bottom of the commentary.

The Global Interdependence Center and The Bronze Buffalo Foundation are the hosts for this year’s Rocky Mountain Economic Summit. We’ll be meeting in Victor, Idaho, just outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, at the Teton Springs Lodge & Spa. This is the tenth annual Rocky Mountain summit which will bring together economists and entrepreneurs from around the country to discuss issues and opportunities relating to the global economy. We just held an equally impressive gathering in Florida for our Financial Literacy Day that included president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Raphael Bostic. Join us in Wyoming for another top caliber event that continues the Global Interdependence Center’s work in promoting global dialogue and the exchange of divergent perspectives. Seating is limited, so please check GIC’s website for availability.

Patrick Harker, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, will deliver a keynote address this time and attendees can ask specific questions of Harker or other speakers. We have just posted Raphael Bostic’s talk during Financial Literacy Day at USFSM on the Cumberland Advisors website, so you can read a transcript of my talk with him or watch the video version here:
David Kotok & Raphael Bostic

If you missed it, I suggest you read our recent missive, Lunch In Punta Gorda. Nine people in total met in a private room for lunch in Punta Gorda, Florida with Martin Barnes as the organizer. We discussed The Fed, politics, the bull market, trade and trade wars, gold, banking, and more. Danny Blanchflower seeded the idea, and we were joined Tim Dalton, Ned Davis, Bob Eisenbeis, Jeff Saut, and a certain ancient one (who must remain anonymous) but who calls himself “economist 63,” and another one who calls himself the “Swiss Gnome.” We published our takeaways, being candid and careful about attributions.

A full list of speakers and the agenda for the Rocky Mountain Economic Summit can be found at GIC’s website and GIC Members are invited to stay for the private Roundtable Discussion on Friday morning, July 13th. This meeting will be held under the Chatham House Rule, so expect candid opinions and economic, social and political issues discussed in depth.

Please join us.

David R. Kotok
Chairman and Chief Investment Officer
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