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Money, Banking, Energy, Economics on February 22

Author: David R. Kotok, Post Date: February 7, 2018
What now, Cuba - USF Sarasota-Manatee

Economic and financial issues will be thoroughly discussed on February 22 at USF Sarasota-Manatee. The confirmed lineup includes Sara Banaszak of Exxon Mobil, who has expertise in the energy sector. Everything from Puerto Rico Electric Power to offshore drilling to national constraints is on the table. Eugenio Alemán carries the Latin connection; he is senior […]

Puerto Rico – Fourth Quarter 2017 Review

Author: , Post Date: January 3, 2018
Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico entered the fourth quarter having suffered one of the most devastating natural disasters in the island’s history. Hurricane Maria left billions of dollars in damage in its wake, including both infrastructure damage and economic losses. The human costs have been equally terrible, with millions of US citizens suffering. Three months […]

Puerto Rico and Recurring Hurricanes

Author: John R. Mousseau, CFA and Alex J. Pollock, Post Date: November 17, 2017
Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - Hurricanes & Puerto Rico

Last Monday, November 6th, I was privileged to serve on a panel discussion at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC, where the topic was Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. The discussion covered a wide range in topics that included the damage to Puerto Rico as well as issues of finance, law, and markets.   The […]

John Mousseau Panelist at American Enterprise Institute Puerto Rico Discussion

Author: , Post Date: November 6, 2017

Hurricane Maria delivered a serious body blow to the Puerto Rican economy by severely damaging much of the island’s infrastructure. This raises the prospect of a humanitarian crisis on the island and a mass wave of migration to the mainland. John Mousseau of Cumberland Advisors joined other panelists during a seminar at the American Enterprise […]

Puerto Rico Needs a Plan

Author: , Post Date: October 7, 2017

After President Trump suggested the commonwealth’s $74 billion in debt would be wiped out, bonds took a hit. What’s next?

Trump sends Puerto Rico bonds reeling

Author: , Post Date: October 5, 2017

The stock market has gotten pretty good at discounting some of President Trump’s more freewheeling rhetoric on North Korea, taxes and other issues. But the bond market had no idea what to make of Trump’s comments late Tuesday that the U.S. might have to wipe out Puerto Rico’s $74 billion in publicly held debt. Cumberland […]

President Trump’s Puerto Rican Debt Comments Have Spooked Investors

Author: , Post Date: October 4, 2017

Excerpt below: “The biggest risk for Puerto Rico and the creditors is that the rebuilding of basic infrastructure takes so long that the out-migration worsens, and you see people put roots down in other places,” said Jim Millstein, CEO of financial advisory firm Millstein & Co. Millstein recently advised Puerto Rico on managing its debt. […]