CDC Foundation President Dr. Judy Monroe

“Is there a vaccine now for Zika?” I asked Dr. Judy Monroe, president-CEO of the CDC Foundation. “Not yet, but we’re working on it,” she answered. For a YouTube of my interview with Judy when she visited Camp Kotok, see

CDC Foundation Dr Judy Monroe & David Kotok

Judy was a special guest this year when we gathered in Maine. She told the assembled 50 folks about the CDC Foundation, a congressionally authorized 501c3 that operates in close cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control. The foundation’s efforts are entirely supported by philanthropy, while the CDC is, of course, a federal organization funded by taxpayers.

Judy explained that the foundation has a well-defined global healthcare role and can be reactive in crisis. The foundation has programs in 130 countries. The Ebola effort was an example of rapid foundation response. Early this month, the foundation was honored by the Puerto Rico Department of Health for emergency response support in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

We discussed Zika and the Caribbean and specifically Puerto Rico. Our group at Camp Kotok probably has over a billion dollars invested in PR debt, property, hotels, etc. Judy shared her findings and the foundation’s and CDC’s ongoing efforts for Zika prevention, treatment, and research.

Judy’s presentation was enlightening, as many in our group did not know about this philanthropic ally of the CDC. Now they better appreciate how many lives are saved globally and how 300 million Americans gain health safety through the work of the CDC and CDC Foundation. We thank Judy for making the trip to Maine to share her information with us.

Another attendee at Camp Kotok, Katie Darden, also spoke one-on-one with Dr. Monroe and you can find the link to her interview here:

Katie Darden interviews Dr Judy Monroe

For CDC Foundation Zika updates and current status, see their blog which gives a closer look at how the CDC Foundation brings together resources, people and ideas to advance the CDC’s work,

For Dr. Judy Monroe’s bio, see

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