Cumberland Advisors Week in Review (Dec 14, 2020 – Dec 18, 2020)

Author: Cumberland Advisors, Post Date: December 19, 2020

The Cumberland Advisors Week in Review is a recap of news, commentary, and opinion from our team.Week In Review

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As part of Cumberland Advisors’ continuous effort to maintain strong customer relationships, we offer this week’s short video discussing current market conditions and how we are positioning portfolios.

John Mousseau & Fixed Income / Munis
-Bond Market- quiet week. Yields ground a little higher. Why? Vaccines.
-Munis? Hardly a move.
-John talks about what’s happening behind the scenes in the muni world, as well as what expectations are at work in the market
-Next year will look a lot different than this one with vaccines making the difference

Matt McAleer & Equities / ETFs
-What a year!
-We’ve learned some of the same lessons traders have learned over the last 80/90/100 years, and that is to stay reasonable in the face of violent moves in the market
-In this market, it has paid to ask, “what can go right?” or “how much negativity is priced into the market?”
-After the run of spring, summer, and fall, we need to ask the same questions but with the other lens: “what can go wrong?”
-What are we not seeing? Lots of predictions talking about future gains, the loose Fed policy, vaccines. But those things are know and already baked in stocked prices.
-Right now, we’ll make no changes to our portfolios
-Asia continues to perform well. Sometimes when I mention China, I get negative feedback. Why?
-As traders, we need to battle any kind of emotional attachment to a market or security
-What I think about China and it’s trade policy or economic policy should not affect how I look at them as a trader
-Our philosophy: stay reasonable, and look at trading through a risk/reward prism
-Our last trade was last week when we let go of the banks in US ETF, sitting in about 18% cash
-We’ll look for opportunities and pullbacks to get some of that cash to work
-Our next update will be Wednesday, December 23rd. See you then.

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"C:\Users\Angela Colvin\Pictures\Screenshots\Nonbank Update_ PennyMac Financial Services.png"

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The Cumberland State of Despair Index

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The Cumberland State of Despair Index tries to capture the despair caused by unemployment brought on by the pandemic and COVID-19 infection rates on a state-by-state basis. This State of Despair Index will be applied as a variable in our credit-scoring model. Continued […]

Raphael Bostic, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, was the keynote speaker at our invitation in 2018 for Financial Literacy Day at the Sarasota-Manatee campus of USF.

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