Cumberland Advisors Week in Review (May 20, 2019 – May 24, 2019)

Author: Cumberland Advisors, Post Date: May 26, 2019

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Matt was traveling on Friday so David Kotok volunteered to substitute for Matt this week and share with you some thoughts on the world, the market, and where we’re positioned

What’s Happening?

  • We’re enmeshed in an escalating trade war with China
  • President Trump is in Asia for meetings taking place this weekend
  • Caution is warranted under these circumstances
  • From an investor’s view and a professional money manager’s view, risk is high and rising
  • In our various ETF portfolio accounts we have some cash reserves (they are not fully invested today)
  • In the quantitative mathematical strategy, it’s in cash
  • In our bond accounts, they are more defensive and in a barbell

David’s latest commentary provides a little more depth for his video comments and that can be found on the Cumberland Advisors website:

We wish all our employees, clients, and friends a happy, safe, and reflective Memorial Day weekend.

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Summer Solstice at Salar de Atacama
by David R. Kotok
Dec 23, 2013

Early Saturday morning, December 21, 2013, we were sitting in the San Pedro de Atacama square, celebrating the solstice south of the equator. Overnight the temperature had fallen to 40°F, but during the day it rose steadily again to about 70°F. Under cerulean blue skies, we were surrounded by small birds chirping, tourist shops, hotels, hikers and trekkers, cyclists, horseback riders, and desert watchers on one side, and a small village church on the other. We thank readers for their comments in response to our commentary regarding Calama, Chile. It was an interesting couple of the days in the Atacama Desert. An oasis is formed by runoff from rain and snow on the Andes side of this very large valley. The highest peaks tower 20,000 feet. On the opposite side the valley is bordered by an older mountain range that is no longer volcanic or actively growing. Those mountains have been eroding for 20 to 40 million years longer than the Andes have and do not feature the dramatic peaks. An oasis in a high or a low desert is still an oasis. Green life, humans, birds, and other animals thrive due to the presence of water. I recall an oasis in Jericho, the lowest in the world, while I am now sitting in the middle of an oasis at over 8,000 feet. The similarities are striking. The surrounding desert, regardless of elevation, is of course extremely dry. There is the same large variation in temperature, day to night, and the two places simply feel much alike. Continued:

Brother William Geenen is an individual who dedicated his life to helping others. At the age of 19, Geenen joined the Congregation of the Holy Cross of Notre Dame University (C.S.C.). He then advanced his education and earned a master’s degree in education from Loyola University. At Gilmour Academy in Gates Mills, Ohio, Brother Geenen taught English, served as a guidance counselor and principal. Decades later, a visit to Sarasota put him in contact with an ailing friend of his father’s and another man coping with the passing of his wife. On his trip back to Ohio, he thought deeply about the challenges facing Sarasota’s senior population—loneliness, the stressors associated with providing care to an infirm spouse, hunger and access to medical care. With the blessing of his brotherhood, Brother Geenen returned to Sarasota and worked to establish what is now an internationally-recognized, multi-campus delivery of service model for seniors and their caretakers.

Pictured here is Gabriel Hament of Cumberland Advisors, Friendship Centers President & CEO Erin McLeod and Friendship Centers Board Member Vicki Dworski.

This week, Gabriel Hament, Investment Advisor Representative specializing in Foundations, Charitable Accounts and Private Individuals, visited the Sarasota Friendship Centers campus located on the corner of Mound Street and S. Osprey Avenue. “As we entered the main building, a half dozen couples were dancing to a live jazz band in a high-ceilinged great room. To the left, lunch was being served. For a simple snack, visitors are welcome to drop in for a $1.50 hotdog and lemonade and listen to the band. Customers were milling around a thrift shop and further down the hall a card room was filled with bridge players. In the next phase of the tour we visited the clinic where retired medical professionals offer their lifetime of experience to patients who might otherwise visit the ER for medical care. A state-of-the-art dental facility is also on-site.”

Friendship Centers

“We then jogged over to The Caregiving Place which featuring supervised, engaging activities for seniors with cognitive or medical issues. At that moment a service therapy dog was interacting with the Centers’ clients. Within that building is a special meeting area for caregivers who are seeking counsel and support throughout their caregiving journey. The campus is surrounded by expansive green space, buffering it from the traffic flow along Mound.”

We encourage our readers and clients to learn more about the Friendship Centers and its mission “To promote health, dignity and quality of life throughout the journey of aging” by visiting

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