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Week In Review

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As part of Cumberland Advisors’ continuous effort to maintain strong customer relationships, we offer this week’s short video discussing current market conditions and how we are positioning portfolios.

Dear Clients & Friends,

Thank you for joining Cumberland Advisors for this end-of-week update on market conditions, bonds & equities with Matt McAleer and John Mousseau, CFA.

Matt McAleer & Equities / ETFs

-Just what the doctor ordered!
-A little backing and filling, some drawdown midweek met with demand
-We have an interesting Blackrock table to share with you and what we find shocking
-We see nervousness with traders and investors today
-Most calls into our trading desk are about what’s going wrong or what’s going to go wrong
-Very few calls are asking “what can go right,” “what does next year look like,” or “what does the liquidity from the Fed look like?”
-It’s very important for a trader or investor to ask questions about what can go wrong and what can go right
-Matt gives some opinion on what he thinks is tilting things toward negative
-Are we a country in decline? Matt says, “no!”
-Conduct a web search on Messenger RNA (mRNA), fascinating science.
-Use some of your COVID-downtime to learn new things, mRNA as an example
-Where can some of our new discoveries take us down the road?
-Some discoveries and their associated companies will become spectacular successes in the future, something to keep an eye on

John Mousseau & Fixed Income / Munis

-John runs the numbers on interest rates, unemployment, CPI/PPI
-Yield move slowly upward over time
-Does the market expect a blue wave?
-Rates will continue to move up with anticipation of an improving economy
-Muni supply building, we expect to see some buying opportunities as this progresses
-Muni issuers looking to get their offerings into the market before the election
-Next week, looking at employment and new home sales

Please reach out with any questions/comments you may have about this update; we appreciate your calls, comments, and emails. Watch in the player above or at this link:

Stay safe, healthy, and have a great weekend.

-Matt McAleer & Cumberland Advisors

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Zika Pamphlet by David R. Kotok

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The Zika virus is mosquito-borne. The virus mutates frequently, just as all viruses do. And it can do serious damage to people. It is especially threatening to the fetus of a pregnant mother. It causes conditions, including microcephaly, which spell tragedy for the infant and the family. When it deals such damage to children, Zika imposes huge societal costs measured in the many millions of dollars. All this is documented in the writings that now constitute the chapters of this pamphlet.

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