Here’s Why Top Money Managers Always Return to Camp Kotok

Below are John Mauldin’s kind words about Camp Kotok.

When David Kotok first approached me about coming to “Camp Kotok,” I was somewhat skeptical. I don’t really fish much and Grand Lake Stream is one of the few places in the US that you just can’t get to in one day.

It takes two flights plus a long drive to get there, and once you arrive, you’re off the grid in terms of internet and cell connectivity.
So why do some of the world’s eminent economists and asset managers take time out of their uber-busy schedules to come? For the same reason I’ve made the trek eleven years in a row.

Because at Camp Kotok, I get to spend uninterrupted time and compare notes with pioneering thinkers who’ve shaped my own economic outlook and research.

The discussions and debates at the private summit are some of the most fascinating I’ve ever participated in.

A major reason why is because Camp Kotok is held under Chatham House rules, which means that everybody opens up and bounces radical ideas off their fellow attendees without fear of them ending up on Twitter.

While “naming names” without permission is forbidden, sharing the knowledge and insights learned there is not.