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Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary –  Happy Birthday to Cumberland

Author: David R. Kotok, Post Date: June 18, 2020
Market Commentary - Cumberland Advisors - Happy Birthday to Cumberland

June 18, 2020, is the 47th anniversary of the founding of Cumberland Advisors. My co-founding partner, the late Sheldon “Shep” Goldberg, and I had completed the filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission by mail. We complied with all appropriate rules. We used a special law firm whose expertise was needed in those days. And we […]

Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary – Happy Anniversary!

Author: David R. Kotok, Post Date: June 18, 2019
Cumberland Advisors Logo - 46th Happy Anniversary

A half century in the investment advisory business is a long time. As the late Jack Benny would say, “It is really tough to do when you are only 39 years old.” I started solo. Then in 1973, Sheldon “Shep” Goldberg and I formed a partnership called Cumberland Advisors. He left New York and the […]