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Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary – Municipal Employment

Author: Patricia Healy, CFA, Post Date: November 12, 2020
Market Commentary - Cumberland Advisors - Municipal Employment - Patricia Healy, CFA

The positive jobs growth news, showing an increase of 638,000 jobs in October and a full one percent reduction in the unemployment rate to 6.9%, masked a decline in government employment. Private jobs were up by 906,000, led by an increase of 271,000 in hospitality and leisure, a sector that has been hit particularly hard […]

Bond Markets Through the Coronavirus – John Mousseau

Author: , Post Date: April 25, 2020
Money Show Webinar - Bond Markets Through the Coronavirus with John R. Mousseau, CFA

Join John R. Mousseau, president & CEO of Cumberland Advisors, as he walks you through the analysis of treasury, taxable, and municipal markets, federal monetary policy, and administration of fiscal policy. Watch in the embedded player or here:  Bond Markets Through the Coronavirus Learn more about John Mousseau here: https://www.cumber.com/team/john-r-mousseau/ Links to other websites or […]

Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary – The Muni Meltdown Timeline (and the Opportunity It Presents)

Author: John R. Mousseau, CFA, Post Date: March 27, 2020
CA-Market-Commentary-The Muni Meltdown Timeline (and the Opportunity It Presents)

The Municipal Bond Market has suffered one of the most dramatic back-offs it has ever seen; and it was accomplished in about nine business days. The rise in yields has been dramatic and fierce and had lots of elements to it. This is a quick synopsis of some of the muni meltdown. As of Monday […]

The MAGI Returns to Muniland

Author: David R. Kotok, Post Date: March 6, 2010
David R. Kotok

There are mixed forces impacting the valuation of municipal bonds. Some are Muni-favorable; they get little respect these days. Some are Muni-bad; they engender fear in bond buyers. One of the bad ones (MAGI) is obscure but poses a risk down the road. Muni-favorable forces include the fact that higher income tax rates are destined […]