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Puerto Rico Governor to Resign, Protesters Warn Successor: ‘You’re Next’

Author: , Post Date: July 26, 2019

Excerpt from… Puerto Rico Governor to Resign, Protesters Warn Successor: ‘You’re Next’ By Nick Brown July 25, 2019 SAN JUAN (Reuters) – Puerto Ricans danced among the brightly colored houses of San Juan on Thursday after Governor Ricardo Rosselló capitulated to 12 days of protests and announced his resignation, but many in the crowd warned […]

Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary – The People Have Spoken

Author: Shaun Burgess, Post Date: July 25, 2019
Market Commentary Puerto Rico

There comes a breaking point for everything, a moment, an “Arab spring,” when people governed by the callous and corrupt stand up and say enough. For the citizens of Puerto Rico that moment came after the indictment of two former island officials on corruption charges and the release of a private group chat between Governor […]

Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary – 2Q2019 Review: Puerto Rico

Author: Shaun Burgess, Post Date: June 28, 2019
Market Commentary - Cumberland Advisors - Puerto Rico - Shaun Burgess

The second quarter of 2019 has been a busy one for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Milestones mired in controversy, optimism dampened by frustration, and increasing uncertainty have all been part of the experience. In what may be one of the most significant milestones to date, an agreement was unveiled between the Federal Oversight and […]

Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary – Q1 2019 Credit Commentary

Author: Patricia Healy, CFA, Post Date: May 3, 2019
Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - Municipal Credit

A positive tone continues for the credit quality of municipal bonds, and municipal performance has been strong as a result of low supply, high demand, and lower rates. (See John Mousseau’s “http://www.cumber.com/1q2019-review-tax-free-municipal-bond-a-shining-first-quarter-for-munis/.”) After some states reported revenues tracking well below projections in January, fears of a substantial drop-off in state tax collections are being allayed, […]

Buyer Beware

Author: Shaun Burgess, Post Date: January 17, 2019
Cumberland Advisors - Shaun Burgess - Portfolio Manager & Fixed Income Analyst

In a move that caught many observers by surprise, the Federal Oversight and Management Board (FOMB), which was created to oversee the restructuring of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, has requested that Judge Swain invalidate more than $6 billion of the territory’s debt. The move would affect uninsured general-obligation bonds issued in 2012 and after. […]

4Q2018 Review: Puerto Rico Insured Bond

Author: Shaun Burgess, Post Date: January 3, 2019
Cumberland Advisors - Shaun Burgess - Portfolio Manager & Fixed Income Analyst

It has been a busy quarter for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Milestones included a conclusion to the Title VI restructuring of the Government Development Bank (GDB) and a plan for the restructuring of the Puerto Rico Sales Tax Financing Corporation’s (COFINA), as well as the continued rebuilding from the damages wrought by Hurricane Maria […]

Puerto Rico’s revised fiscal plan shows surplus; bonds rally

Author: , Post Date: October 23, 2018

“A revised fiscal (plan) that shows more money for creditors and recognizes Puerto Rico’s ability to pay – that is driving GOs higher… There is still a lot of execution risk as the fiscal plan relies on some assumptions and policies being put in place,” said Shaun Burgess, a portfolio manager at Cumberland Advisors in Sarasota, Florida.

The Ball Is Rolling

Author: Shaun Burgess, Post Date: August 16, 2018
Market Commentary Puerto Rico

August has brought welcome news for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and for creditors eager to see a resolution to the bankruptcy process that started more than two years ago with the passage of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA). There is now a restructuring agreement for Sales Tax (COFINA) bondholders […]

Puerto Rico – Fourth Quarter 2017 Review

Author: , Post Date: January 3, 2018
Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico entered the fourth quarter having suffered one of the most devastating natural disasters in the island’s history. Hurricane Maria left billions of dollars in damage in its wake, including both infrastructure damage and economic losses. The human costs have been equally terrible, with millions of US citizens suffering. Three months […]