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The Threat of a Damaging Trade War

Author: Bill Witherell, Ph.D., Post Date: March 9, 2018
Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - Bill Witherell, Ph.D.

The Trump administration is raising fears of a possible trade war, a development that is unsettling markets around the globe, upsetting some of our closest allies, and causing great concern to both a wide swath of US business leaders and to leaders of the President’s own party. Following the President’s announcement last week that he […]

Dow drops more than 400 points after Trump’s announcement on tariffs

Author: , Post Date: March 2, 2018
Cumberland Advisors John Mousseau

Excerpt below John Mousseau of Cumberland Advisors in Sarasota says it’s been a volatile day and week on Wall Street. Markets are plunging on news of the U.S. imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports next week. President Trump’s announcement comes after a disagreement among him and his advisers on whether the U.S. should crack […]