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Trump, Trade, Will Rogers

Author: David R. Kotok, Post Date: April 9, 2018
Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary by David Kotok

“It was a tumultuous first week of the quarter that has left the markets caught between more truculent tweets on trade from President Trump, and slightly more diplomatic messages from his advisors. Predictably China countered with $50 bln in tariffs of their own against a variety of U.S. imports, while the White House threatened to […]

Welcome to the trade war

Author: , Post Date: April 6, 2018

Excerpts below: So the big worry among free traders was that President Donald Trump would see China’s retaliation to his initial tariffs, get mad, and threaten to slap even more tariffs on China. And that’s exactly what happened on Thursday night, pushing the U.S. to the brink of a serious trade war, NEC Director Larry […]

More on Trade Wars

Author: David R. Kotok, Post Date: April 4, 2018
Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary by David Kotok

Well, well! Who’d a thunk it? First we must thank David Blond and Bob Brusca for engaging in a debate for our readers. For those who missed it, the links to the David Blond essay and the Bob Brusca response are here: Blond: “Winners and Losers from Global Trade” – https://www.cumber.com/winners-and-losers-from-global-trade/ Brusca: “Why David Blond […]

Why David Blond is Wrong on Trade

Author: Robert Brusca, Post Date: March 30, 2018

We thank readers for their thoughtful responses to David Blond’s guest paper on trade and tariffs, Winners and Losers from Global Trade. That paper triggered debate. Below is Bob Brusca’s rebuttal. Enjoy the debate as each person can decide her/his own viewpoint. David R. Kotok Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Email | Bio Why David […]

Winners and Losers from Global Trade

Author: David L. Blond, Ph.D, Post Date: March 17, 2018

David L. Blond, Ph.D, has a distinguished career in international economics and particularly on the issues of trade. He is the president of QuERI-International, Washington, D.C. He has assessed President Trump’s Tariff and Trade barrier initiative and has articulated some strong opinions. His views are his. They are worth reading and considering in what is […]

The Threat of a Damaging Trade War

Author: Bill Witherell, Ph.D., Post Date: March 9, 2018
Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - Bill Witherell, Ph.D.

The Trump administration is raising fears of a possible trade war, a development that is unsettling markets around the globe, upsetting some of our closest allies, and causing great concern to both a wide swath of US business leaders and to leaders of the President’s own party. Following the President’s announcement last week that he […]

Dow drops more than 400 points after Trump’s announcement on tariffs

Author: , Post Date: March 2, 2018
Cumberland Advisors John Mousseau

Excerpt below John Mousseau of Cumberland Advisors in Sarasota says it’s been a volatile day and week on Wall Street. Markets are plunging on news of the U.S. imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports next week. President Trump’s announcement comes after a disagreement among him and his advisers on whether the U.S. should crack […]