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COVID-19 Coronavirus (Wuhan, China) Series by David R. Kotok

For our readers’ reference we want to start this discussion by recalling that it has been one century since a virus mutated and became a mass killer. That was a strain of H1N1 influenza A, nicknamed the Spanish flu. An estimated 50 million died worldwide as that pandemic swept around the world, and many more millions were sickened by this virus. Here is a reference from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that tells the story of this influenza pandemic:

The novel coronavirus outbreak is still unfolding. Research and opinion we accumulate will be assembled here for your reference. On February 11, 2020 the World Health Organization announced an official name for the primary disease caused by the novel coronavirus: COVID-19.

Content published after March 03, 2020.

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If you’ve not had an opportunity to see our interview with Dr. Judy Monroe, the link is just below. We also link to the Global Interdependence Center’s on-demand May 7, 2020 webinar with Dr. Monroe: Also linked is the freely available pamphlet on the Zika virus. We catalogue successes, failures, and the ground in-between whether it be public, private, or NGO.

Dr. Judy Monroe from the CDC Foundation discusses Zika and the foundation’s mission with David R. Kotok. Watch in the player or at this link:

You, the ordinary citizen, may need to inculcate the habits of self-reliance and less dependence on help from governments that often fall short. Be vigilant while also respecting the history lesson of the Spanish flu a hundred years after it arrived with a vengeance.

We hope readers find this Zika pamphlet worthwhile and helpful. It is our gift, and we are reproducing it at our cost. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Download a copy of the Zika monograph in either PDF (free) or Kindle ($.99 – Coming Soon!) format.

The PDF format can be obtained here FREE
The Kindle format will be available here for $.99
Zika Pamphlet by David R. Kotok - PDF Format
Zika Pamphlet by David R. Kotok - Kindle Format
Zika Pamphlet PDF-ebook Format
Zika Pamphlet Kindle Format (COMING SOON!)
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