Our Process

Our process begins with your vision. We want to understand your objectives. Next, we select or create custom investment strategies to suit the risk tolerance for each individual client. We monitor those investments and make adjustments as needed. It may sound simple, yet the execution of each step makes all the difference – the Cumberland difference.

Here at Cumberland, we’re different from most Registered Investment Advisors. Our team of economists, analysts, portfolio managers, and trading professionals design investment portfolios customized to individual clients. We have been delivering investment advisory services to individuals and institutions – with a highly personalized touch – for more than half a century. 

People come to us for a reason. We start by understanding why.

When we take over a new portfolio for you, our first step is understanding your personal financial goals. We want to see the context in which you see your investments: whether you are investing for the short term or the long term. Your unique tolerance for risk dictates how we position the capital we manage for you.

Those portfolios are engineered to change and adapt with times and circumstances. We review client investment allocations to ensure that we deliver the value you expect from us. 

Our firm’s team of independent thinkers on interest rate movement, monetary policy, and capital markets interacts directly with clients. We are transparent and responsive, and we put our clients’ interests above our own.   

Experience the Cumberland difference

The measure of success is happiness and peace of mind.