We have a multidecade history of advising institutional clients — independent nonprofits, foundations, government entities, and qualified plans, including profit-sharing, defined-benefit pensions, 401ks, and SEPs. As a fiduciary, we constantly work towards understanding the unique and complex needs of plan sponsors and not-for-profit institutions.

It Is Critical That Investment Strategies Align With Long-Term Goals. Cumberland Advisors Can Help.

Todd Engelhardt explains what makes Cumberland Advisors' Institutional Investment Management your go-to for investments. 

  • Cumberland Advisors has served institutional investors since its founding in 1973.
  • We understand the unique and often complex needs of plan sponsors and not-for-profit institutions. 
  • We design innovative, tailored solutions that help clients advance and make the most of the investment possibilities before them.
  • Our platform is broad and includes active and ETF-based strategies.
  • We are a professional fiduciary to our clients. It is our responsibility to do what is appropriate as we invest on your behalf. As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we are held to a higher standard. 

How can we help you achieve your vision?

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