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The Bond Buyer | Rating agencies and investors weigh Baltimore bridge collapse

 Quoted: Patricia Healy, CFA | Wed March 27, 2024
Barron's | The Cost of D.C. Dysfunction

 Quoted: David R. Kotok | Fri March 1, 2024
Herald Tribune | Why are separately managed accounts growing in popularity with investors? | Cumberland Comment

 Quoted: Patricia Healy | Mon December 4, 2023
Press Release | Cumberland Advisors Announces New Managing Director — Firm Expands Fixed Income Leadership

 Quoted: Benjamin Pease | Wed October 25, 2023
Barron's | Gold Was Having a Meh Year Until the Attack on Israel. What’s Next for Bullion?

 Quoted: Patricia Healy, CFA | Fri October 13, 2023
Reuters | US banks, tech firms offer support for Israel victims, announce aid

 Quoted: David R. Kotok | Fri October 13, 2023
Reuters | Attack on Israel boosts appeal of gold, safe-haven assets

 Quoted: David R. Kotok | Mon October 9, 2023
The Stream | Regional Banks Still Shaky Six Months After Major Collapses

 Quoted: David R. Kotok | Wed September 6, 2023
CNN | How big banks won the banking crisis

 Quoted: David R. Kotok | Tue September 5, 2023
Sarasota Herald Tribune | In defense of the Fed and its mission to ensure financial stability | Cumberland Comment

 Quoted: David R. Kotok | Tue August 29, 2023