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Market Commentary


Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary offers insights and analysis on upcoming, important economic issues that potentially impact global financial markets. Our team shares their thinking on global economic developments, market news and other factors that often influence investment opportunities and strategies. Our readers appreciate its timeliness, depth of analysis, and quality of research.

  • Putin, Ukraine & Me
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Sun May 19, 2024

    Putin, Ukraine & Me

    I’m starting today’s commentary with a quote:

  • Tariffs and EVs
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Thu May 16, 2024

    Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - Tariffs and EVs by David R. Kotok

    Peter Boockvar published this sentence before I did, so I will give him the origination credit.

  • Mother's Day
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Sun May 12, 2024

    Mother's Day

    I wish all Sunday readers and their mothers the very best celebration of their special day, which was formally established in America by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914:

  • Nose-to-Nose
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Wed May 8, 2024

    Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - Nose-to-Nose by David R. Kotok

    I will start this commentary with a quote received from Politico Playbook on the Sunday morning after the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby, Politico wrote: 

  • May 2024 FOMC
     Author(s): Robert Eisenbeis, Ph.D. | Tue May 7, 2024

    Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - May 2024 FOMC by Robert Eisenbeis, Ph.D.

    This past week saw the release of a raft of important economic data which, in combination with the FOMC’s decision, have important implications for the path of interest rates through 2024. At the beginning of the week, we got the advance estimate of real GDP growth for Q1 2024…

  • More on Debt & Deficits
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Sun May 5, 2024

    More on Debt & Deficits

    First a short Sarasota restaurant review. Enough folks liked the prior one, so here’s another one. I lunched alone at Arts & Central, 611 Central Ave. in Sarasota. On a gorgeous spring day, I walked up with no reservation and asked hostess Kaylee for a table outside and in the shade. There…

  • AI: Test Case Study
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Wed May 1, 2024

    Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - AI Test Case Study by David R. Kotok

    Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is here and it’s evolving faster than you can say “AI.” Imagine the time you can save if you’re scheduled for a last-minute presentation! But one must be very careful.  

  • Rule of Law
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Sun April 28, 2024

    Rule of Law

    Dear readers: Please consider the following as a discussion point for every investor, board member, or any participant in any endeavor that may require a legal system to resolve any dispute. Thank you for taking a few minutes time to read. Now, let’s begin with a two-minute quiz.  Here’s a quote…

  • The Mag. 7
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Thu April 25, 2024

    Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - The Mag. 7 by David R. Kotok

    Datatrek summarized things this way: “Without 5 Big Tech names, S&P 500 earnings would be down 6.0 pct in Q1 rather than the consensus estimate of +0.5 pct growth. AMZN, GOOG, META, MSFT and NVDA are the difference. The ‘S&P 495’ are expected to turn the corner later this year,…

  • Rapidly Changing Geopolitical Events
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Sun April 21, 2024

    Rapidly Changing Geopolitical Events

    There are rapidly changing geopolitical events in the Middle East and Persian Gulf regions plus extraordinary political events in Washington as Speaker Johnson advances a bipartisan effort to pass defense related legislation.  The political extremism is apparent among the far left caucus in the…



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