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How Will Climate Change Impact the West Coast of Florida?

by Brittany Mattie

The second Florida Climate Forecast will take place on November 19, 2021 in the Selby Auditorium at the University of South Florida’s Sarasota-Manatee campus. Hosted by Sarasota-based nonprofit, Climate Adaption Center (CAC), this in-person event will focus on Florida’s west coast and explore what our climate will prospectively look like in the years 2030, 2040 and 2050. The conference will also present first-ever forecasts of its kind and will examine how public, private and academic sectors can prepare for the future.

David R. Kotok - We can use science to mitigate climate change


Area-specific issues of conversation include ... Economics: financial risk and opportunity in a changing climate. “We humans face two monumental shocks right now in Sarasota," says Chairman of Cumberland Advisors David Kotok. "The first is a pandemic; we get one about once or twice a century. The second is massive climate change; history shows how big a shock climate change can be. We use science to confront the pandemic and we can use science to mitigate climate change. CAC can help us do it and inform us how to do it."

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