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| Stocks rise sharply, Dow over 21000

 Quoted: David Kotok | Mon March 6, 2017
| Macro Economic Blog - David Kotok

 Quoted: David Kotok | Mon March 6, 2017
| Trading Tops, Trump Tweets and Land of the Rising Sun

 Quoted: David R. Kotok | Tue February 28, 2017
| Kotok: Be Nimble At Markets' Turning Point

 Quoted: David Kotok | Tue February 7, 2017
| Trump on Dow 20,000: 'Now we have to go up, up, up'

 Quoted: David Kotok | Thu January 26, 2017
| 8 ETFs for 2017’s Treacherous Market

 Quoted: David Kotok | Tue January 24, 2017
| Why Donald Trump Has David Kotok Worried About the Global Economy

 Quoted: David Kotok | Mon January 23, 2017
| Suncoast collector's Presidential buttons go back to the 19th century

 Quoted: David Kotok | Fri January 20, 2017