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Cumberland Advisors Week in Review + Digest Mar 18 - Mar 22, 2024

Norman Dempsey, MBA
Sat Mar 23, 2024

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Our latest Week in Review Video is now available online. This end-of-week update on markets generally features equities, bonds, and trading highlights. Thank you for joining us.





This end-of-week update on market conditions, equities & bonds features Matt C. McAleer, President & Director of Private Wealth, and Shaun Burgess, Portfolio Manager and Fixed Income Analyst.      

Matt McAleer & Equities      
- S&P 500 has maintained positive momentum so far in 2024      
- Equities took Fed comments with a grain of salt      
- Added to Emerging Markets exposure in our International & Global strategies      

Shaun Burgess & Bonds      
- Fed comments weren't as hawkish as expected following recent PPI report      
- Muni yields moved higher vs. Treasuries      
- Looking for good deals among new issues coming up on the calendar 

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Camp Kotok Corner

  Perspectives, News, and/or Resources from Attendees



How 'Camp Kotok' confab changed Lisa Shaw's outlook on the economy

Featuring Lisa McIntire Shaw      
August 18, 2014      

Lisa McIntire Shaw & USA Flag


This week, we're featuring a throwback to 2014. Please enjoy the brief excerpt below and follow the link to read the longer interview at the Charlotte Business Journal. 

Cygnus Asset Management co-founder Lisa McIntire Shaw says the discussions with top economists at Camp Kotok has made her more optimistic about the economy. 

"I came back with a message of optimism — in the American system and the freedom of capital markets. There’s no place on earth where people with an idea can bring the idea to life like they can here. I have a lot of pride in our markets. 

"There is no difference between Wall Street and Main Street because the guy on Main Street can’t have his business if the guys on Wall Street didn’t help fund it, and vice versa. I had this feeling of being proud to do what we do. The average investor barely does better than inflation. As investment professionals, it’s our job not to let that happen."


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