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Cumberland Advisors Week in Review + Digest May 27 - May 31, 2024

Norman Dempsey, MBA
Sat Jun 1, 2024
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Our latest Week in Review Video is now available online. This end-of-week update on markets generally features equities, bonds, and trading highlights. Thank you for joining us.

Cumberland Advisors’ Friday, May 31, 2024 Week in Review


Week in Review

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This week's review is with Todd Engelhardt, Regional Director of Investments, and Shaun Burgess, Portfolio Manager & Fixed Income Analyst.

Todd Engelhardt & Equities
- Inflation saga continues
- Equities traded soft
- Keeping our eye out for any further weakness in industrials

Shaun Burgess & Bonds
- Is higher for longer really so bad?
- More sideways action in yields, with some friendlier data reported this week
- Entering June 1st reinvestment period for Munis

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  Perspectives, News, and/or Resources from Attendees
Jim Bianco: Rate Hike On Deck
by Camper, Jim Bianco
May 30, 2024

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Jim Bianco to the MacroVoices podcast.

Erik and Jim discuss:
• Interest, Inflation Rates & Bond Yields
• Fed Rate Hikes and The Economy’s Strength
• Economic Crisis & Budget Deficits
• Oil Demand & Supply, With Focus on China
• Gold Prices & Asian Markets
• US Election & The Stock Market
Check out Jim's interview at YouTube: