Cumberland Advisors Week In Review (Apr 12, 2021 - Apr 16, 2021)

Cumberland Advisors
Sat Apr 17, 2021


Thank you for joining Cumberland Advisors for this April 16, 2021 end-of-week update on market conditions, bonds & equities with Matt McAleer & Patricia Healy, CFA. Patty is our senior vice president of research and she's also a portfolio manager.




Matt McAleer on Equities / ETFs and a theme of "Beta"
- Markets finish up this week
- Matt provides some numbers for overseas securities
- Matt discusses some of our ETF portfolios and what precipitated trades in some of our strategies
- Matt talks about Leo Chen Ph.D.'s quant work for Cumberland Advisors and how we employ it

Patricia Healy on Fixed Income / Munis
- With vaccinations, we're seeing some return of normality with in person meetings with clients & advisors that are both comfortable with precautions and a slow return of more personnel to our Sarasota headquarters.
- Patty provides numbers for the 10/30yr Treasury Market.
- Better than expected employment numbers this week
- Patty also talks about CPI & The Fed's attitude
- Patty talks about Muni yields, demand, and what makes them attractive
- We see a continuation of supply next week for munis
- Patty provides some thoughts on the proposed 2.3 Trillion Infrastructure Plan


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Have a great weekend and thanks for tuning in,
-Matt McAleer & Cumberland Advisors

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Wall Street braces for sharp consumer inflation rise as Fed tries to manage narrative
Apr. 13, 2021 - By: Kim Khan, SA News Editor
Quoted: David R. Kotok
But while inflation expectations are up, inflation "not so much," according to David Kotok, CIO at Cumberland Advisors.

Full article here:

David Kotok, chairman of the board & chief investment officer at Cumberland Advisors, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss the market outlook ahead of earnings season and growth expectations.

Investment-Grade Corporate Bond ETFs Suffered the Brunt of the Selling

by Max Chen - March 23, 2021

After NFT Surge, Traders Worry Reopening Will Stifle Rally - About $1.3 billion of nonfungible tokens have traded through ethereum network this year, dwarfing 2020 activity

Quoted: David R. Kotok - March 31, 2021

CUMBERLAND COMMENT: The bond market's 'return to normalcy.

by John Mousseau - April 05, 2021

Solar Power in Xinjiang
 Author(s): David R. Kotok | Thu April 15, 2021



This link will take you to a ten-minute Bloomberg “QuickTake” well worth watching. It is investigative journalism at its best: “The Solar Industry's Xinjiang Problem,”   And here is a related article: “…

Charles Goodhart
 Author(s): David R. Kotok | Wed April 14, 2021




On April 29th at 11:00 EDT, the Global Interdependence Center (GIC) will welcome Dr. Charles Goodhart to discuss his recently published book, The Great Demographic Reversal: Ageing Societies, Waning Inequality, and an Inflation Revival (Springer International, August 2020). Dr.…

Minutes from the FOMC March Meeting
 Author(s): Robert Eisenbeis, Ph.D. | Tue April 13, 2021



 It is not surprising that there was little new in the minutes from the FOMC’s March meeting, despite the fact that there were some modifications in the Summary of Economic Projections, which have been widely discussed in the press. However, there are a few nuggets of interesting and/or…

Are we going to have lower volatility?
 Author(s): Leo Chen, Ph.D. | Mon April 12, 2021




The US stock market kicked off the second quarter with new all-time highs above 4,000 on the S&P 500. Meanwhile, the volatility index, VIX, has closed below 20 for five consecutive days for the first time in 13 months. With the strong rally in the equity market, is this the…

New Moon – Ramadan
 Author(s): David R. Kotok | Sun April 11, 2021




“Sunday night, April 11, 2021, at 10:31 PM EDT, will be the new Moon, when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from the Earth. The day of or the day after the New Moon marks the start of the new month for most lunisolar calendars. In the Hebrew…

Confidence in a Robust Eurozone Recovery Grows Despite Rising COVID Infections and Deaths
 Author(s): William H. Witherell, Ph.D. | Fri April 9, 2021




The European Commission’s Economic and Sentiment Indicator (ESI), produced by the Business and Consumer Survey, advanced sharply above its long-term average in March. The advance was broad-based, including the important and hard-hit service sector. Consumer confidence also advanced,…


HY-TSY Spreads & Stocks
 Author(s): David R. Kotok | Thu April 8, 2021




Credit spreads have just reached a new low number. Here’s a link to the St. Louis Fed’s report on the high-yield (HY) spread to US Treasury riskless counterparts. Readers are invited to spend a few minutes at the link and to read the definitions.







USF's (University of South Florida) program for nurses, “Frontline Nursing During COVID-19: A New Paradigm,” is online.

The program is free for any nurse anywhere in the world developed by the USF College of Nursing. It will give nurses continuing education credits, and it will do so at zero cost to the nurses who sign up.

Program link and details:


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